Howdy, #FP!
(Word of caution. If I’m being weird, it’s just because I’m under a lot of medication right now. Colds are short but brutal. The fever’s a killer.)
How’s the week treating you? Better than me, I hope?
As I should be recuperating in bed, I must make this very brief.
The story behind last week’s #FP theme is interesting. No one suggested it, but @AdeleSGray and I were talking about key words and how they make the world of difference, and this one just popped out.
As an experiment, we decided to put it up as a theme, and what followed was a paradoxical affair of madness, genius, soft sweetness, and frightful fearsomeness and I don’t actually know what I’m talking about here, but I know another tablet is NOT going to help it.
Oh, well …
#FP last week was an amazing thing. That one word can mean so much and create such a powerful experience … I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. It boggles the mind.
Now, before I collapse into a delusional mess again, I shall give you the Very Best Of THE PARADOX!

The Paradox

God is tricksy ‏@AdrianYoung10
“I think deep down you’re quite shallow”
“And you’re a wise old fool!”
“Therein lies the paradox!”

God is tricksy ‏@AdrianYoung10
“Today we’ll explore the concept of The Paradox”


“Yes Timmy?”

“Keanu Reeves was brilliant in that film Sir!”

“Stupid boy!”

Christopher Mahan ‏@chris_mahan
Her eyes held mine
In deep knowing,
But her arms lay limp,
Rejecting embrace.
The paradox thrilled me,
And I studied her freckles.

Christopher Mahan ‏@chris_mahan
My muse dresses sexy,
Wears heels and does her eyes
Then walks around in me,
Throws her hips and smiles,
To get me to write.

Christopher Mahan ‏@chris_mahan
You will,
Impress people more
By being yourself
Than by trying
To impress them.

God is tricksy ‏@AdrianYoung10
The place
that lurks
love and hate
is the paradox
that lovers face

a punch
a kiss
to leave
to stay

a play

Monte Bates ‏@MonteBates
Love Springs
My crush
Blood rush
Need you heart
Never part
Natures dream
Playing in the stream
#madverse #poem #FF #FP

Kristen Dorcey-Joyce ‏@superkrispydj
#fp so I went back, killed my grandad, returned to no change. Spent a long time being shifty with my nan after that..

Alicia ‏@demiurgent_G
#fp By day I dream of fame and glory. By night I corpse on stage through fright. My only failure is fear of success. My own paradox machine.

Constant Gardener ‏@CnstantGardener
Ponder the paradox;
The parrot talks
But understands not
Any more
Than a pair o ducks

The City of Names ‏@TheCityofNames
A good paradox erases your whole existence and replaces it with another. A perfect paradox does so without you noticing anything at all. #FP

Faye Kirwin ‏@Writerology
Liese saw the reflection of the hand a moment before it pushed her head under the water. To drown in the fountain of eternal life… #FP

Christopher Mahan ‏@chris_mahan
The man who can’t be bribed
Is the man nobody wants to see
Run the country.
Herein lies the paradox.

Bonita Lynn ‏@irvin_bonnie
If my heart
Had not known
It would not
Have known
That the light
Of your love
Could guide it home

Dante & The Lobster ‏@Marcgalez
It had risen from the pond,
primordial, no sound, seeking a host
at all cost. Destroy to live on land
or let live, to stay in the depths

Jenn R-J ‏@jennfel
Self worth defined by
Ever descending numbers
Harmful paradox
#FP #eatingdisorders

Belinda Burke ‏@BBurkeAuthor
the paradox
is how drowning in the desert
fills your lungs with rain
#FP #haiku For #BrokenConstellationsandOtherStories

Marie Hogebrandt ‏@melindrea
Male or female? Neither and both. A paradox? Not to me #FP

Paul Baxter ‏@baxterpm
He was a wolf.
He was a man.
When he was one, he was never void of the other.

Roger__Jackson ‏@jabe842
I invented a time machine. To avoid a paradox, my 1st trip was forward, to kill my grandkids before they could travel back and kill me. #FP

Susan ‏@SusanJoy10
They came. they left.
“Not intelligent enough to abduct,” the aliens reported.
Should we be glad or insulted?
#FP #vss

Belinda Burke ‏@BBurkeAuthor
Night bird, exquisite
dawn-shades in your plumage – how
greeting says goodbye
#Paradox #haiku #FP

Pikachu ‏@1993Misty
It was ironic that she never got to kiss her love in her lifetime. The Grim Reaper’s kiss was only achievable on death. #fp

Brian Gallagher ‏@ShortOrderPoet

How we cling to it
as it kills us off is the
paradox of life.

#FP (the paradox)
#haiku #micropoetry #twaiku #SOPhaiku

Larysia ‏@Larysia
Footsteps. Following me. Step by step. Until I stop. I turn, heart racing. My twisted reflection grins back. #FP

ReeDaBee ‏@ReeDwithaBee
My fears were always at their strongest & loudest at night; but night was also when my dreams shone at their brightest. #FP

Bobbi Bowman ‏@bobbibowwoman
Snail was curious about the paradox of my hundreds of scales, none of which could be used to measure anything.
-Goldfish diaries #FP

Vivette Hauser ‏@VivetteHauser
She lifted her cheeks into the cool sea breeze, her tears drying in crystal tracks as the rushing of the waves washed away her sorrow. #fp

Roger__Jackson ‏@jabe842
Their love had always been the romance of the moth & the flame. The paradox was that he held her every day yet missed her more and more.

Kizzywiggle ‏@kizzywiggleboo
He strode down the street in full slap, 6in killer heels, battered jeans & a faded t-shirt, happy in his skin. No paradox, just peace.

Kizzywiggle ‏@kizzywiggleboo
My whole damn life, chasing after something that didn’t even exist. I birthed grief, old & bitter. The very shape of Who I Was changed.

Marj ‏@whithernow
#fp “What’s your specialist subject?”
“The deep meaning of #fp tweets”
“You have 2 minutes on this topic, starting from now”

Pikachu ‏@1993Misty
I didn’t have the courage to pinch myself. So I never got to find out if I am in a nightmarish reality or a realistic nightmare. #fp

A V Laidlaw ‏@AvLaidlaw
The Professor’s paradox device combined Schrodinger’s Cat experiment with a time machine. We now bow down to our feline masters. #fp

Chie ‏@Chierafied
We call them monsters because we cannot fathom the monstrosities they commit, but the frightening truth is that they’re all human. #FP

Chie ‏@Chierafied
In the dark, you told me you loved me — but I knew your smile was empty and your words poison to my heart. #FP

Joanna Maciejewska ‏@Melfka
The sorcerers called it “The Paradox of Lucella” because she was the only one to cast the spell and survive her own death. #FP

Djinn and Tonic ‏@walesboy1972
I stared through the glass at the swirling vortex of light. “What is it?” I asked.

“It’s called a paradox” said the cocktail waiter. #fp

Roger__Jackson ‏@jabe842
I tasted blood as the dentist placed my extracted tooth into the tray. He didn’t seem fazed when the molar sprouted 8 wiry, enamel legs. #FP

Maryann Holloway ‏@Ma_Holloway
The paradox of our generation. Due to education and success, we have more resources than our ancestors but less free time to enjoy them. #FP

A V Laidlaw ‏@AvLaidlaw
On his stag night, the Professor went to a Möbius strip club. #fp

Kevin Odinsknot ‏@Odinsknot
His paradox of happiness slowly unraveled into a straight, unending line of waking, commuting, working. Life edged with disappointment. #FP

Karen Faris ‏@karenafaris
“The paradox of writing,” The Muse reminded her writer, “Is that the important stuff always happens between the words & is left unsaid.” #FP

Elyse Salpeter ‏@elysesalpeter
“The Paradox lived 122 million years ago.” Tim raised his hand. “It’s called a Protarchaeopteryx.” I hated teaching the Cretaceous era. #FP

Diane Johnson ‏@SheExclaimed
When she was at home, she longed to wander. When she wandered, her nomad ways made her desperate for a home. #FP

Karen Ohren ‏@KarenOhren
The paradox
of here and now
rushing by unseen
that eludes my soul
a whispered prayer
a silent scream.

Roger__Jackson ‏@jabe842
She closed her eyes. The last thing she saw was the sunlight on his sword, and she knew there was no more beauty to see. #FP #amwriting

Marj ‏@whithernow
#fp The paradox of getting older is that your body clock changes. I now wake up at the time I used to get home in the morning. *sigh*

NERDY GEEK ‏@eobonare
The loud silence of the room, dead memories relived in picture frames, the weightless burden of guilt. I miss you dad…I miss you. #FP

JS Rowan ‏@JupiterFleet
#FP Olivia knew how to escape slavery but didn’t. Her parents would regard her as soiled! But at home they wept for their missing girl

Ruzzel Zullo ‏@rmzullo
And from across the room he stared. Scanning. Watching. A single question burned with every person he spied. Who was next? #fp

Karen Ohren ‏@KarenOhren
in my certainty
but then maybe
I’m not speaking
paradoxically at all…

Gary ‏@CognitiveEnzyme
Buried in a catacomb built of ice and snow. My fortress of solitude. The only way to keep me safe from your krypt in the nite. #FP #Superman

Brady Koch ‏@BradyTheWriter
Opening the box was an awkward reunion. Although the toupee was made of his own hair clippings from 20 years ago it didn’t look right. #FP

Jessi ‏@WriteRead_Think
War to prevent bloodshed, what a timeless paradox. #FP

L.A. Lanier ‏@TheSquibbler
Some see irony as paradox or paradox as irony, but there must be differences or why have the two? Is this a conundrum? #FP

Walking Casino ‏@WalkingCasino
The robot looked down at its metal heart in its metal hands and asked aloud. “Am I dead?” #FP

Alex Alvarado ‏@alexalvar7
He was used to being the “convenient friend” until he left her at the convenience store. #FP

Elyse Salpeter ‏@elysesalpeter
“Get off your Xbox & tell me an unorthodox paradox!” My English teacher thought he was so witty. If he’d only come down from his soapbox. #FP

God is tricksy ‏@AdrianYoung10
‘Eat fat, lose weight’

The Atkins Paradox #FP

Briana Mae Morgan ‏@brianawrites
She wanted to be everything and nothing to him all at once. That was the paradox of hopeless love. #FP

J.D. Estrada ‏@JDEstradawriter
Every day is give & take
Some will mend while others break
Feelings trapped inside a box
Some call it paradox
Others named it life.

Eric ‏@Blade4hire
As he feels his heart trampled, there is a massive paradox between the man he claims to be, and the man he wants to be in that moment. #FP

Eric ‏@Blade4hire
Here at the edge of the Time rift lies Paradox Station. The final stopping point on a road from which there is no turning back. #FP

Partly Writing ‏@PartlyWriting
I tuck him in and he smiles sweetly. “Night, Mom.” Such a paradox to love him so much now when he was never truly wanted then. #FP

marcillis ‏@marcillis
She left one book. Years ago. Now, her lines, her notes, seduce him, draw him closer each page like she never could. #fp #vss

Constant Gardener ‏@CnstantGardener
“And this is advanced paradox studies,” The room was full of students at computers, every now and then one of their heads would explode. #fp

J.D. Estrada ‏@JDEstradawriter
Chaos and order often dance to the melody of life. A paradox can be occasionally harmonious if we can get along #FP

J.D. Estrada ‏@JDEstradawriter
When you feel all is clutter
And things are just a mess
Use Ultra Paradox
and forget about the rest! #Fp

Vicki Addesso ‏@VickiAddesso
In my dream you were dead & I loved you more than life.
Then I woke & there you were, snoring. How boring.
I reached to grab the knife. #FP

Sarah Brentyn ‏@SarahBrentyn
You sacrifice yourself for your children. You are miserable. They are happy. This makes you happy. The paradox of parenting. #FP

Tamara ‏@watchinggrass
Paradoxically, equinoxally, not detoxically, no shoesocksically, quite possibly toxically, wishapoxically, quite impoxically BORED. #FP

Lori Lesko ‏@LeskoLori
“But, I’m not a writer.” He said while typing his 3rd novel. “Sure, the other two are selling & I’ve got a movie optioned for this…”#FP

Paul G. Diamond ‏@Paul_G_Diamond
“Ladies. Gentlemen. Welcome to The Paradox. Only those who feel unwelcome may proceed.” #fp

AˢᵉᵉᵐSᵃˣᵉᶰᵃ ‏@RedNightHawkAKS
“Don’t you love me enough to stay?” Silent, I walked away. I loved her too much—I didn’t want to do to her what I’d done to the others. #FP

David Buchan ‏@Buchan_David_
Mem slithered tentacles through slime. “We could visit Earth next Tuesday.” Tol belched. “What for? Carbon lifeforms taste disgusting.” #FP

Barbara Spencer ‏@ghostmmnc
#FP The squeal of brakes, crunching metal, tinkling glass shards…a freeze-frame moment of impact, as chaos erupts around me.

Eric ‏@Blade4hire
One should never mistake kindness for weakness, nor understanding for naive ignorance. Tread carefully upon this Sacred ground. #FP

KendallJaye⚾️Collard ‏@KJCollard
The lawyer weaved the beautiful paradox. The missing email that condemned her was the only one that could exonerate her. #fp

Pikachu ‏@1993Misty
He dawdled when working on productive projects, while he toiled over useless stuff. Essentially different but in the end, rather similar #fp

Phoenix Grey ‏@phoenixgrey85
My paradox. My love. My world, my only. You smile, I follow. You rage, I follow. You cry, I comfort. I wish to be free. Yet I stay. #FP

Hope Denney ‏@HopeDenney2
She shuffled through the red and orange veined leaves lacing the ground, pondering why the loveliest season of all showcased slow death. #FP

Roger__Jackson ‏@jabe842
The temporal accelerator aged her 30 years in 1 minute. The foetus aged too, a fully grown child filling her belly to bursting point. #FP

Maryann Holloway ‏@Ma_Holloway
His apartment was a mess. Pizza boxes covered every surface. A note left for maid: If you have tea while cleaning, please wash the cup. #FP

February Grace ‏@FebruaryGrace
The older she became, the more she loved the whole of the deep, wide world. The more she aged, the less the world noticed her at all. #FP

S. A. Hunt ‏@authorsahunt
A callous moon laughed down at her through the curtains of the sky. This is it, she thought in broken fragments, I’ve met my match. #FP

Hannah Arlene ‏@_HannahArlene_
Her cheeks were dusted with freckles like sprinkles on snowy white frosting, her eyes like sapphires as her smile gleamed radiantly. #FP

Skye Ziemke ‏@UnmaskedMom
Before Friday’s game of words, she checked the definition of ‘paradox’ for clarification. ‘Twas the most confusing thing she’d ever read #fp

Shannon Reber ‏@ShannonArtWrite
My emotions are contradictory. I love him, but also hate him. At this moment though, I love the paradox more than the man. #FP

Bobbi Bowman ‏@bobbibowwoman
The parent spanks the little boy for hitting someone smaller than himself. And so the parental paradox lives on unexamined. #FP

Marj ‏@whithernow
#fp She spun her web of desire and waited. Sure enough, he walked right into the strands. What fun she had wrapping him up “for later”.

Jennifer Harrison ‏@webmistressJH
Bittersweet is undoubtedly the paradox closest to my heart. Can’t get enough of it. Apparently. #FP

ZedZeddicus ‏@Zedzeddicus
Though we stand in the present we never live there; always grasping for tomorrow or reaching back for yesterday. #FP

ZedZeddicus ‏@Zedzeddicus
I try to stretch it beyond its means; fill it to the overflowing. The time I have I don’t want. The time I want I’ll never have. #FP

ZedZeddicus ‏@Zedzeddicus
I am killing time when I need her to breathe. It is the way of this heart; Never satisfied. Lusting after wants; rejecting its needs. #FP

God is tricksy ‏@AdrianYoung10
As everyone googles ‘paradox’ Tricksy sadly accepts that ‘The Opium Parlour of Queen Victoria’ will never make it as an FP prompt.

George ‏@BklynMercado

it has become
a field of paradoxes
disguised as politicians
trying to sell us a tomorrow
made of yesterday’s lies