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The Name Has Come


And now, the time has come …
As today is the day that @LoonyMoonyLara, me, turns twenty one and yesterday was @AdeleSGray’s birthday too, we decided to make an event out of it, cos no, there was no space for cake today and that’s not great, but life goes on!
In the event of which, it was also time to release the news about our new magazine project!
The Friday Phrases and 200 Word Tuesday’s blogs go hand in hand. They belong together, how could we ever tear them apart, right?
At the same time, what could we do to give them the breath of life they so desperately needed?
The answer lay within a magazine that would forthwith spearhead all that was to come, all the good things in the future and now, all you awesome people, I have the great privilege of spilling the beans and telling you what we are calling it.
So, gather around!
For the amalgamated #FP and #200WT blogs now come together, to create new programs, new community events, and new opportunities … the phoenix rises from the ashes and the muse is reborn to the spirit of all we do.
For the name of the new project is
*lets that sink in for a sec*
And yes, the name of the magazine is Musae Mosaic! The ode to the Muses whom we all worship, and a great mosaic made of the arts to create the magic it is!
This is our offering to you.
This is the second chance for everything we have, that we will fight for and never let go.
This is a place of welcome, where words, passion and imagination exist in a realm that is limitless, in a place that exists only to please you.
And word of honor, we uphold that for hopefully time without end!
Let’s make art together!
Let’s make what we love a madness worth celebrating.
Happy April, and happy days!
Peace! x

Operation AWESOME Has Commenced!


How at last we find ourselves back here …
I can almost not believe this year began only three months ago. On one hand, “OMG, THREE MONTHS WHAAAT,” and then … it feels like “I have aged ten years and my life is over.
It’s been a very long and very fast three months.
I have no idea where to begin with this …
So, I suppose with @AdeleSGray?
Her health is, at the moment, being managed.
We’ve come a long way since the beginning of February where everything was in hell, and fear became the crucial part of the daily grind, but there’s still so much ground to cover, too.
Her sight, we think, will never be what it was before.
Her tests and treatment had cost us a fortune, and we’ll be paying it off for a long, looong time, but life is priceless, so one way or another, no matter what, we will make it. Stuff in life is … weird, but wonderful, exhausting and exhilarating, bloody expensive and priceless, all at the same time. That’s a story for the future, but it’s going to have a beautiful ending, so worry not.
And now to the reeeally juicy matters …
It is the end of an era.
#FP and #200WT are ending.
*waits ten seconds*
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 aaaand … 10!
Right, so if you’re done panicking, we don’t mean we’re killing our darlings.
But, it is changing.
Like we mentioned before in early March, there was news about our program evolving and it begins here.
The last few months, from November, actually, creativity, life, and productivity have changed drastically. The old routines proved a little useless as things just … ground to a complete and total halt and to this day, they’ve not recovered. Less submissions for #200WT, less players and energy on #FP and we feel this is because of us, because we are not the old energies we once were, and this is b-a-a-a-a-d.
It was making us feel terrible that despite our efforts, things just didn’t pick up again. Our lack of energy and our struggle for emotional, financial and physical (health) survival meant that our will to engage just evaporated.
And we never wanted that.
There also seemed to be no solution for it, because it’s either waiting for a miracle or we let them go, right?
No, no, nope, we love them too much, we live for what we do. Letting it go was never going to be an option, but neither was letting them both struggle to the point where both programs just didn’t want to go on.
So, the answer to that was … integrating them.
The last few days of February, we put our heads together and found a way to give both #FP and #200WT a new lease on life.
Combining the two struggling blogs into one, into an all new, recreated, re-imagined, and revitalized magazine that celebrates the written word for the miraculous thing it is – to not divide two separately active communities, but to build each other up, not keep them apart! Stronger together, amirite??
This will be taking place a lot sooner than you think. In the next two weeks, life here is going to change to the point where we will not recognize it anymore, and it’s gonna take some guts to get there. Failing this time around is not on the cards and as we change, the projects will change, and all for the better.
#200WT and #FP, respectively, will go on, but just in another realm, in a new world. The Friday party will never end and Tuesdays still belongs to #200WT. That’s the way it’s always been, right?
That’s the way it’s going to stay.
You’ll still email your submissions to us, and we, that’s us GRAYS, want your #200WT stories, interviews, guest posts, inter-community interviews, short stories and how-to’s. We want ‘em all for the new magazine, for this amazing new project that we’re gonna give to the world and to all who find it!
For the first time in I don’t even know how long, change feels real and it’s a SICK THING that it had to happen under these specific circumstances, but hey, I’m not gonna complain now! It’s happening! It’s real!
And it’s just getting better.
So, you … you are still our reason for being here and you always will be, and anything that you want to share, share it.
Tell me, Lara, who writes these things, everything.
Go nuts.
I’m here to hear it all.
The name of this new magazine, which I, in my super coolness, am code naming Operation AWESOME, is still a secret.
We’ll have a big party to reveal the name and all that jazz within the next two weeks, so guys, hold on, it’s gonna be a ride!
In the meantime, we love you, we love creativity, we love telling the world about it and we always will.
In that regard, things will never change.
You have our solemn word.
Now, it is time for tea. For you and for me.

Word of the Trying Ones …


We can have a thousand and one of the very best intentions, you guys, and … we can fail BIG TIME.
The first few weeks of this year have NOT been good for 200 Word Tuesdays. The first week, no submissions meant no issue. Second week, the bloody issue doesn’t wanna post.
But, in the end, I am no techie and I do not understand what’s wrong or where it’s wrong or what. I’m haven’t got a clue.
And I am so, so, so sorry about it.
At this particular point in time, the GRAY Girls life is all crazy and people are scattering our attentions all over the show. Most of it in the real world and not online, where we need to be, where we are of most use to you guys.
We have not got the facilities yet to abandon the real life pursuit of the day jobs, and the long hard slogs of crap, and just devote ourselves to all that we want to do here. And as much as I am berating myself for the crash of the blog and whatever is plaguing it, I am so very human and I’m just one human behind this at the same time.
We can, we are and we will evolve in time as we work for little milestones in our personal lives, to use as assets in this magazine, in Friday Phrases, in everything. But like every pursuit of worth, the time spent pouring ones soul into your project can and will determine its future success and all that jazz … so I hope and pray the time I spend trying and trying and trying again to fix a problem I can’t see and publish that #200WT edition is not going to be in vain. One day, it’ll be easier to reach the small goals, you know!
Until then, I really hope you can afford us a bit of patience and understanding. It is not an easy ride, but every hour we try, perhaps to no immediately visible effect … it really is a deed taking us closer to where we want to be.
Doing this with you folks every day. Dedicating our time to bringing you things even we can only dream of.
And right now, I’m going to try posting the issue again. If it works, you’ll be the first to know. If it stubbornly refuses, again, I will henceforth be publishing issues and articles intended to 200 Word Tuesdays on Friday Phrases.
Much love to you all.

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