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A Promise Is Kept!


So … as I churn words all around my head and look for the right ones to say what needs to be said … it’s a lot harder than it looks!
So the other day, when I wrote this blog post right here, I was down in the dumps, to say the least.
I was at rock bottom. I thought my willpower could be shattered no further.
You know that feeling, when you’ve well and truly given up? That great, abyssal hole in your chest that no amount of downtime, sleep and tea can fill …
I had that void inside me that day.
And I tried forgiving myself for it, but it felt like failure, so … I couldn’t live with it in me for even a day. I could not relax with a burning shame that I’d given up so easily (the mental process cleverly omitted the fact that I’ve been struggling for a year without giving up, and now, even that was considered lazy. Damn it, Mind of Lara. You are so mean!)
Then the very next day … I woke up, and I was all glooommy and drooopy and saaad and I just wanted to sleep and shut the world out, because I was gonna ugly cry at every single little thing!
And out of sheer boredom, still at rock bottom, I should add … I went to sit at my laptop, and stare gloomily at a page of my book, which I suddenly had no energy to continue writing.
And I thought, What a horrible way to sit down and try to do something you love.
And that’s when I realized I still believed in that magazine, in the software for that magazine, in the dream I had to bring it to the world … and I opened the back end of the website again.
And …
I did it.
I did what I could not do, in a YEAR. I did everything I dreamed of in the 11th hour. Mere days before my license to that software would expire, and I’d lose it all.
I actually did it.
Yes, so what that compared to other magazines, it looks really rudimentary and sad. So what that we’ll be beginning small and building up … so what that I essentially have no idea what I’m doing …
Some of the best adventures in life begin just like this. The best and most fulfilling adventures.
Now, no one is as surprised as I am, cos’ OMG I DID IT, I ACTUALLY DID IT, but yes, it happened, I’ve pinched myself to make sure and that’s that!
And that’s why, regardless of the level of professionalism invested into the Musae Mosaic Magazine, it will launch after all!
This is honestly an insane thing to have to say, that Musae Mosaic is coming, but it is and I’m OVER THE MOON about it!
At last, this promise will stand, alongside all the others!
One step at a time, I’m getting closer to delivering on everything I said I would, and we, as a community, have another way to share in the magic of words and they ways they can change a world!
Musae Mosaic is back on, guys, and I may sound really giddy right now, because I am, but I swear this will not be an endeavor that’ll end in ashes.
And so, on that note, Musae Mosaic Magazine will be here with the world on the 22nd of this month!
And I hope with all my heart that you’ll be there to welcome it with me, with the GRAY Girls, and with the world 🙂

For The Love of Love


By now I am sure you know the crisis that faces my family and the extent of the issues we face.
My mother is, by now, going blind as there seems to be some damage to the cornea that cannot be repaired, only replaced. This problem has been with her for many, many years as she has had eye problems since childhood when almost going blind and now, it happens again.
The umbilical hernia was just the catalyst of all the problems that she was, the sky-high blood pressure, and the damages to the optic nerve.
Today, she was scheduled to go in for an MRI and that could not take place, so we go again tomorrow at six in the morning and we try all over again.
She is currently experiencing some numbness in her arm and leg, both on the left side, and her doctor is worried this is the precursor to a stroke, which would be catastrophic, as … at the rate she goes now, it would be fatal.
We are four.
Mom, me, Victoria, and the baby, Perri, as she now likes to be called.
We are all that we have.
In life, we have not been rich in money, property, cars, amenities, opportunities … it has been so hard, in this way, to lead four highly creative, imaginative, crazy, loving and totally unqualified people on a life that would give them the opportunities needed.
But we have been so rich in our deep, deep, unchangeable love for each other, art, friends all across the world … in that regard, there are no regrets. None whatsoever.
But, today, my family needs the stability that we have not had the means to achieve in our life. I know, I know that it may sound lazy of us, but for many years, my mother has been a single mom and making it by on the amount that we needed, so that we didn’t suffer.
We have been surviving. Not living. Just making it by so that we didn’t end up on the streets.
And I have thanked god and my mother and everyone who gave us the chance to do that every single day.
But now, I have to give that stability and those reassurances in return. To her and to my sisters, because they are so young and they can’t lose her. I can’t lose her.
As I try to find us all a fighting chance here at home, I find myself needing more and more help, and not knowing where to find it.
I have grown up fast, my whole life, because to be blind to what was happening around me meant that I would not have known how to be there for the ones I loved and who needed me.
And they need me now.
And I … I need you.
More than anything, I need you.
I have nothing to give you but #FridayPhrases and #200WordTuesdays. I have nothing to give you but all my love and support wherever I can.
I am so, so, so sorry about this.
And I feel so guilty for needing to ask, but I have to. I’m not making enough here yet to help get us by, especially since there now seems to be so much more that needs paying for.
This is the woman who has given each of her three daughter’s fairy kisses, which are just nose boops. She calls the fairy kisses. She would steal a chip from each of us to “make sure they weren’t stale.” She would put our milk teeth in a little clay jar that she said the fairies would collect from.
She would wipe away every tear with a smile, she watched us grow up, and become us, she’s a geek, she’s a writer. She wrote this amazing book that none of you have read yet and she wants it to be so perfect, that she still hasn’t published it. She’s a perfectionist, my mom, she likes things perfect.
She loves crazy patterns, but they must be synchronized, otherwise her OCD goes crazy.
She loves the sea.
She likes the colors blue and green together, or green and purple together.
Our birthdays are a day apart. She’s on the 4th of April, and I’m on the 5th. She was in labor with me her whole birthday but on the day that I was born, we became part of each other’s lives forever.
We are each other’s greatest gifts.
My mom, she feels so guilty that you’re giving us so much and she can’t even say thank you, she can’t write to you and tell you how much this means to her. She’s scared of leaving us, because she has nothing she can leave us with.
She’s scared.
These are a few things that make up the wonder that is my mother. My beautiful, amazing mom.
And she needs your help. I need your help. My sisters need your help.
However your helps manifests itself …
Please know that I am not doing nothing. Please know that my neglect of #FP and #200WT does not come from laziness, but desperation, this need to absorb all my mother’s pain and let her smile again, see the world with new eyes and a sense of wonder … and not being able to give her that.
Love is so amazing.
Love enriches you in so many way, it comes from all around you and yet, it leaves you in pain that after a lifetime, we cannot comprehend.
I feel that pain now, and it feels like fear.
I love my mother. I love my sisters. I love all of you.
And I need you all like I need the air I breathe.
I need your help to save my family.
More than anything, I need this message to reach as many ears and eyes as possible, because I am not a faceless presence online, I am not an avatar, and a bio. My mother is not an avatar and a bio, she is not a composition of technologies … she and I are human beings and I am begging you to help me save a human life.
To save her and three other human lives …
So …
In the spirit of all that I feel right now, that I can sum up in three words, Love, Life, and Loss, I have a proposition and a project and a way to share the miraculous terror that is love for all whom we hold dear …
Over the next week, I would like to extend my invitations to you all to write a short story, or a poem, or a memory of one or many that you love, for the chance to love them that may have been given or denied, of the loss that you may have lived through or been spared by …
Send them all.
I am hoping to accept up to 100 of these poems and stories.
And I would then like to ask whoever can help format it to help me do so and design a cover for it, and help me publish it as soon as possible, to be paid for, to be bought … and I would like the proceeds to go to my mother’s health fund.
Not only for the health fund, but for the love fund.
For the love of art. For the love of three children and for the love of their mother. For the love of reading and writing. For the love of exploring and seeing the world. For the love of sharing and spreading more and more and more love, as much as possible before God takes what I love most away from me.
For the love of love … I want you to help me with this. I do not have the facilities to do the technicalities, the formatting, the publishing, but for this anthology, I am asking you to believe that we all can make a miracle in a few days.
So that, in dedication to my mother, we can show her what a fighting chance really looks like.
So that she can take into her the strength and love and beauty that I know is out there and somehow eluding us at this time …
Share this message. Share it a thousand times. Anyone who can write is welcome to do so, anyone who wishes to join in.
If you know a cover designer, please tell me. A formatter that I can beg to help me, please tell me. A way out of this terror, please … please show me.
Because I do not alone know the way.
For the love of love … help me. Help my family. Please.

From a daughter that loves too much to lose this time,
Lara M. Savine

On blog, eBook & life stuff. And love. Lotsa love.



The time has come for a blog post of general updates.
This one has been a long time a-coming, unfortunately.
So …
Ahem …
Shall we proceed in a pretentiously ostentatious manner?
Yes? Oh, splendid!

Due to the ever decreasing South African currency, our finances, both personally and for business, have been suffering more than we can keep up with. As financially dire as it was for our whole beleaguered country before, you don’t even want to imagine it now. El Nino has also struck with a vengeance and we are in the middle of a long and awful drought. Things are not going well. Frankly, you cannot afford to be poor in South Africa – or anywhere in Africa, for that matter.

We have always wanted to own our blog/domain, make some sort of income from it because, hell, we have to find an income somewhere! Unfortunately, because of the above mentioned situation, we really just cannot afford the upkeep of the blog.
We were struggling before, but now with our currency so weak, the prices of everything done internationally (like hosting) will cost us precious pennies, limbs, kidneys and souls, and we just can’t do it anymore.

Thus we’ve had to make certain decisions and one was letting go of the blog. Our hosting will expire on Sunday, 21 February, and though we’ve had a sweet offer to host the blog temporarily on someone else’s site, we would really like to do it right from the start. Until such time, the blog will unfortunately go into an indeterminate slumber. Yes, it’s breaking our hearts because we had (still have) such amazing plans. We’ve alluded to some of them in our ill-fated crowd funding campaign late last year, but even there we ran into grumbles and mumbles and the odd DM troll.

Sometimes, it seems our ambitions may be great, but the obstacles are greater. We are working hard to make a better life for ourselves, while also bringing the best we have to the #FP table. But with life issues, health issues, crappy day job issues, and financial issues (ours and our country’s), it’s like we’re constantly swimming against the current and we long for a day where every stroke we take, every effort we make takes us the intended distance.

We would love to have the blog up and running as soon as possible because it is part of Friday Phrases and part everything we do, and we will do what we can to make sure we give #FP the future it deserves. We’re still working to do great things, even if it means becoming nocturnal and then working our daytime hours, too.

During the time the blog will be closed, the #FP game on Twitter will continue as always, nothing there will change and 200WordTuesdays will also run as usual.
We extend our warm, fuzzy invitations to anyone who has a 200 word story in their heart and souls! Why not turn those midnight snack cravings and caffeine addiction into something special. February’s themes are LABYRINTH and NEVER AGAIN.
If you need more details, it’s all in the link.

On the matter of the #FP eBook …
Yes, it is still happening, and no, we have not forgotten about it.
But with things being as they are and life dealing us a heavy hand at the moment, we need to take our time with the eBook, as we are also just trying to claw on to the little clarity we have at this point.
We know it’s frustrating and our delays are far from ideal, but we’re just asking for some time. We are reading through all your submissions, and doing everything we can to present you with a top product.

While certain changes will indeed, in due time, be coming to the #FP world, the game, the fun, the glory, nothing will be changing on that front. It’s just that our dreams go too fast for our fingers and we want to do so much, but everything goes by step by painstaking step, with some punches and knockouts thrown in for good measure. In the end, all we’re trying to do is give our little micro-fiction world the future it deserves.

In that regard, we hope whatever delays we have will not put you right off us and we hope you’ll be here when the new blog is up, just like you are now! Whenever people, whose #FPs we’ve come to love, whose sweet interactions we’ve come to crave, do not write for a week or two, we always wonder. Are they finally fed up with us? Are they healthy? Are they happy? Are the muses still with them? Yes, we worry about you all. Guess who don’t sleep much at night. 🙂

In the meantime, we love you guys and thank you so much for all your friendship, encouragement and support.
Have a wonderful week!

Lara and Adele

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