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The Very Best of GHOST STORIES Part 2!


And now, dinner has been made, the kitchen is a mess (but it’s not my job to clean it πŸ˜‰ ) and here comes the Very Best of Ghost Stories part 2!
It is so awesome to be on time with things. I mean, really, I can ride a Punctuality high for a while! Aaaand when Procrastination comes, well … I bounce back sometime or other! Anyway, here’s an end to the rambles and I shall leave ye to delight in the Very Best of Ghost Stories part 2!


RΓͺve-Ree ‏@ReeDwithaBee
They insinuate themselves behind your eyelids, burrowing into your
thoughts & dreams; turning them into nightmares you can’t escape.
Joshua Haveman ‏@JDHaveman
All of the ghosts in the room belonged to her. Had been made by her.
And though only she could see them, their presence was keenly felt.

Bret M.W. ‏@Bretmw_Author
We’re all born into the ghosts of others. They call it history, but I know
birth and death are fingers interlaced, cuffs we can’t escape

J.D. Estrada ‏@JDEstradawriter
Civil responsibility
So many long forgotten ghost stories to read in the Great Again library
of Politics

J.D. Estrada ‏@JDEstradawriter
Once upon a death
A soul learned the pain of a dagger
And the fear of remaining after a mortal coil is cut short.

Rachel Laverdiere ‏@r_laverdiere
Pops claps a hand over his heart & pales. β€œPops?” I rush towards him,
but he recovers quickly.
β€œBecca, I thought I’d seen a ghost.” #FP

Nerd Cactus ‏@NerdCactus
“So… the ghosts have figured out how to steal the bodies of the living?”
“Great!” Zeke’s face did not match his voice. #FP
S Rodger Bock ‏@SRodgerBock
Dragging his chains, he shuffled lifelessly toward his appointment with
the gallows. He wasn’t dead just yet, unless you meant his soul.

Nerd Cactus ‏@NerdCactus
Izzy pulled on her goggles. “It’s going to be a foggy night. Ghosties will
be out in force.”
“We’ll be needing the strong tea, then.” #FP

Nerd Cactus ‏@NerdCactus
Izzy had invented Ghost Goggles using Mech technology and a little bit
of ingenuity. Half the department wanted a pair for themselves. #FP
Bret M.W. ‏@Bretmw_AuthorΒ 
The thought speaking, that regret, the one haunting you for ignoring it,
it’s rattling your bones, waiting to bury you. Give it a wave.

Kris. always Kris.. ‏@superkrispydj Β 
#fp The grey lady stands at the window & watches the world. Groups of
kids come to be scared. She likes the company but loves the screams.
Lettuce is Tricksy ‏@AdrianYoung10Β 
The Adventures of Kim and Tim. The Original Waterskiing Spies!

“Do you believe in ghosts?”
“Sooo noncommittal”

Nerd Cactus ‏@NerdCactusΒ 
In the glimmering copper of Jonny’s face, a shadow shifted. Izzy spun,
and electricity crackled in the London fog. “Damn ghosties.” #FP
Sif (like Steve -t) ‏@MGSpaceHamster
You are dead to me
I buried you in my mind
Under happier thoughts
Under memories without you

I can’t escape the ghost of you.

Nerd Cactus ‏@NerdCactus
Izzy looked around. A thousand obsidian shards of what’d been the
ghost of Admiral Nelson were buried in the walls.
“Well, that’s new.” #FP

Casey Costra ‏@CaseyCostra
Her body shut down. At last. She couldn’t feel the whip, she couldn’t
cringe from a blow, she couldn’t smell the blood, she couldn’t…

Casey Costra ‏@CaseyCostra
#FP A bouncy teen when they took her, 12-men days destroyed her
strength, her self, her soul. They made her into a f__king ghost of a

Cyril Bunt ‏@Cyril_Bunt
“I’m Scared.”
“Yes, good.”
“It means you want to live, want to fight and thrive in this word of

Bobbi Bowman ‏@bobbibowwoman
Blood, guts, zombies, screams… Scary?

Not so much.

The most terrifying ghost stories include the words “Trump presidency.”
Call me Trulock ‏@CrTrulock Β 
I wanted to meet a ghost, maybe see that they are real.
So I summoned one, or thought I did.

Turns out you can never unring that bell.
Casey Costra ‏@CaseyCostra
A bouncy teen when they took her, her 12-men days ruined her
strength, her self, her soul. She’d turned into a f__king ghost of a girl.
Call me Trulock ‏@CrTrulock
“I told you we’d burn out the sun, love. I wonder if its ghost will haunt us
while the world dies.”
Andrea Connolly ‏@AndreaCConnolly
She never sprang
When she was living
In the sea
Softly clinging
In the drift
Last night she dared
Dried up on a shelf
Madeleine D’Este ‏@madeleine_deste
“Stay inside,” her old backwards Gran said “It’s the 7th month”
She rolled her eyes. “The ghosts didn’t come with us”
But she was wrong

T΢TΓ¬m ‏@HomemadeHalo
#FP Regret haunted the model; she stuffed her face with food she had
once hated, but sadly it all went through her ghostly anorexic frame

Sophie Alice Acton ‏@prosateuse
The ghosts settled on their tombstones, kicking their feet and
whispering to one another.
With a smile, the eldest began his story.

Chris Mahan ‏@chris_mahan

You want to hear a ghost story?
Grandpa no! They’re too scary.

Very well.
Once upon a time there lived a princess…

A˒ᡉᡉᡐSᡃˣᡉᢰᡃ ‏@RedNightHawkAKS
Every night mom tucked us in,read a story,kissed us g’nite. We never
told dad. He’d just say we imagined it, say she’d died in the fire. #FP

Djinn and Tonic ‏@walesboy1972
My ghost wanders among a world shining with life, unable to interact
with anyone and forever condemned to be alone among the living #fp

Caitlin Keeton ‏@CaitlinKeeton
To the howl of owls
& to the flickering choir
of a camp fire
they tell Ghost Stories,
until morning begins:
Takes away their imaginings #FP

A.M. Hounchell ‏@inferno4dante
One ghost said to another ghost, “want to hear a story?”
“What like a ghost story?” #FP

A.M. Hounchell ‏@inferno4dante
The floors creaked under our feet as the ghost rodents scurried
underneath. #FP

Chris Mahan ‏@chris_mahan

If you automate twitter
Schedule something once a year
Then sadly you pass away
Those messages will still go out
From beyond the grave

Chris Mahan ‏@chris_mahan
They told stories around the campfire
Of ghosts and other monsters
The kids laughed and fell asleep
Adults stayed up all white as sheets

Kaienne Glint ‏@KaiGlint
Years later we meet, but I don’t recognise you.
Where is the boy who used to tell ghost stories in the dark?

Parry ‏@ParawlPerwyl
His fingers couldn’t brush away her tears but he could reach her pink
elephant on the highest shelf and bump it into her lap. #FP

Carol ‏@CarolDrummond4
Full moon shimmering
Ghostly howl
Echoing midst ebony trees
Ever louder rustle of
Approaching steps
She turns…

Alicia ‏@demiurgent_G
We sat up late & told ghost stories. I didn’t know any but wanted to
belong, so I confessed to your murder & told them where you haunt.

Alicia ‏@demiurgent_G
The sun rose, tearing you away. I wept over you once; now I know you
will be with me again come nightfall, as substantial as the moon. #fp

The Very Best of All For Love!


And here we are …
We have done it. Redeemed three weeks worth of #FP’s, and had a birthday party in between (yup, another one. I know, right? I don’t know how I can stand all the cake either. The sugar is starting to eat me back.)
Anyway, the night now draws to a close.
The hour grows late and while Gandalf The Gray does not ride to Isengard, I ride ever closer to bed, and pillows and dreams of the Shire, where I desire to be more than anything in this world …
Now. As my eight hours of reprieve comes, I shall leave you with this … the Very Best of All For Love.


roomatthefront ‏@roomatthefront1
I bear the scars

Jordan Hutchinson ‏@JoJo_Hutchinson
She let him go.
With the weight of an ocean in her chest, she still knew someone would
love him better than she ever could. #FP

Lettuce is Tricksy ‏@AdrianYoung10
“All for love and one for love!”

“D’Artagnan! We’re not trippy hippies!


‘Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno’

you Div!”



Lo-arna Green ‏@loarnagreen
People talk of love all the time
Few experience it in its purity
I knew nothing of it until him

Anna T. ‏@Anna4anybody
Poems fall down my wall
So many but is that all?
Missing a verse of mine
So now’s the time!
But not much to say
It’s been a long day!
Aneesha Shewani ‏@tweetoeuvre
Caress my warmth
With the tender glow
Of your touch
Make a bonfire
Burn misgivings
Of our torturous past
Let’s give all for love again!

MLE the Bewildered ‏@dragondoodle
He flopped back down into the bed. What the hell was going on? He’d
never felt so out of control of a love affair in his life. #FP

Lo-arna Green ‏@loarnagreen
Romance to me isn’t flowers or grand gestures
It’s that someone who is home, a safe place to shed your skin #FP

A.M. Hounchell ‏@inferno4dante
For the the love of good and evil, we owe it to ourselves to do bad
things. Or the good ones remain meaningless. #FP

A.M. Hounchell ‏@inferno4dante
He loved me. Or the idea of me. I don’t even think he loved that. #FP

A˒ᡉᡉᡐSᡃˣᡉᢰᡃ ‏@RedNightHawkAKS
He watches her leave his apartment for the last time.
He watches his heart race to the door,
#FP 1/3

A˒ᡉᡉᡐSᡃˣᡉᢰᡃ ‏@RedNightHawkAKS
It scratches at the door and looks back at him,
Wanting to be let out, wanting to go after her.
#FP 2/3

A˒ᡉᡉᡐSᡃˣᡉᢰᡃ ‏@RedNightHawkAKS
He watches his heart droop more with every second,
Until it finally plops down and curls up, waiting for her.
#FP 3/3

Dante & The Lobster ‏@Marcgalez
In these hands,
you’ve heard
the birth of songs,
branches bent from inside winter.
How did we become an ocean?

Madeleine D’Este ‏@madeleine_deste
β€œI wanted life to be different for you. When I birthed you, I was filled with
light and love. I told myself, you would not be like me.”

Djinn and Tonic ‏@walesboy1972
I have conquered entire worlds and subjugated whole populations. Not
for glory, fame or malice, no, it was all for love. #fp

Call me Trulock ‏@CrTrulock
You and I are forces of nature
Unapproachable, whether from beauty or power…or danger
We could be together, but we’d burn out the sun. #FP

Emma Cox ‏@scyian
All he did, he did for her. Death wouldn’t claim him tonight. #FP

Bobbi Bowman ‏@bobbibowwoman
Love for all
All for love
Together we can make it.
Believe little ones

Look, we’re flying!

-Goldfish diaries #FP

Al Nobody ‏@Nobodyetall
I light the match,
kneeling as I do,
eyeing the contents,
that lay in front.
to move forward,
I must burn my bridges.
All for love #FP

Sea Words ‏@A_Sea_of_Words
I think she knows
(actually I know she does)
That I share her my heart &
So many thoughts
All for the love
Of her rainbow hued smile


Tatjana Urbic ‏@tatjanaurbic
“I don’t want you to leave. Ever. But… I also don’t want you not going
after your dreams. They’re special and so are you.”
#FP #FriDare

Lettuce is Tricksy ‏@AdrianYoung10
The Adventures of Tim and Kim, the Original Waterskiing Spies!

“Do you still love me?”
“Ah. Isn’t it nice out?”


Bret M.W. ‏@Bretmw_Author
I knew what to do. I saw it in movies. I’d ball up my fist, connect a
punch to his jaw and ride my girl home on my bike. All for love.

Nerd Cactus ‏@NerdCactus
“Yes,” Izzy drawled, “everything for love. Except… wasn’t it love that
caused the giant hole in reality & subsequent ghost invasion?” #FP

N J Crosskey ‏@NJCrosskey
Now I see the trail of footsteps behind me were only ever leading me
here. It’s not just about love. Maybe it was once, but not anymore.

N J Crosskey ‏@NJCrosskey
And so it ends like it began. With you all around me. I never outran
you, perhaps I never really wanted to.
Christopher Mentzer ‏@Chris_Mentzer
As the casket was lowered, Ellie was screaming from within.
“All for love,” said her husband as he looked to his mother and smiled.

Cindy Hospador ‏@CHospador
#FP She stabbed a finger at me. β€œGo find yourself someone. Even if
he’s not perfect. Go find him. Or her. Have a life. Have a real love.

stevemcauliffe ‏@beholdcosmicwav
love reduced to merely yearning is a twisted modern thing indeed
But a simple smile can lift the soul of even jaded gits like me #FP

E.C. Farrell ‏@celiselott
β€œYeah he said you were pitching a hissy fit and avoiding him…Please
tell me you 3 didn’t bring a stupid ass love triangle into a war.” #FP

A walk in the fog ‏@WalkFog
I woke in the bath, bandaged, delirious. A ghost called. “My wife took
your kidney for me. It failed. She failed. Here’s her address.” #fp

Christy Helzner ‏@christyhelzner
She had never been in love before, and she wasn’t in love now. She
would find that part out, later. #fp

Evelyn J. Haddock ‏@evelynhaddock
Jack had not allowed himself to define his feeling. He cared deeply for
her but slapping the word love on anything was sure to ruin it. #FP

chris papps ‏@chrispapps2
I’ll never forget that kiss on a cold evening by the playground, I thought
my soul leapt for joy and gladness as I gave my self to her

Nadja Van der Stroom ‏@NadjaMagdalena
“You look like hell.”
β€œBelieve me, hon, if you can tolerate me at my worst, you will just love
me at my best.” #FP #amwriting #WIP

Christopher Slagle ‏@christopheresl2
β€œI knew she was perfect for you, but if giving the finger to Security to
save you doesn’t say β€˜keeper,’ I don’t know what would.” #FP

RΓͺve-Ree ‏@ReeDwithaBee
The red dress was tighter than it used to be. But he thought she looked
the best she ever had & he said so, smiling as her face glowed. #FP

Lauren See ‏@laurenseewrites
I hook our arms together and lay my head on his shoulder, wishing life
would press pause, just for tonight. #FP #amwriting

The Minivan & I ‏@stone4031
“I don’t want you to worry about me.”
β€œCharley, it’s part of loving people. You worry at least a little bit about
the people you love.”

Mark Farley ‏@mumbletoes
He has no excuse for being grumpy every day of the week. Admittedly,
I love annoying him, but he doesn’t have to take it so personally. #fp

RΓͺve-Ree ‏@ReeDwithaBee
When she was little, she & her mum would sit in the garden at dusk
and use their fingers to draw heart shapes around the moon & stars.

Natalie Marie ‏@natmarieauthor
You offered him the lead in a Shakespearean tragedy. No monologues
or double suicide required. All for love. How could he resist? #FP

Casey Donart ‏@casey_donart
When did
#FP #poetry #poem

Mary Corrales ‏@MaryCorrales_A1
Loving arms around her, allowed her to breathe and made the world
bearable. #FP

Eileen Gonzalez ‏@Eileen2theStars
“I love her.”
“I know you do.”
“But she never loved me, did she?”
“I don’t know. I’m not her. But she didn’t act like she loved you.” #FP

Casey Donart ‏@casey_donart
His words were honey, dipped in eternal lies #FP

Megan Cutler ‏@Megan__Cutler
The moon waxes because Litaio flees his jealous wife to don his moon
mask and call his lover, Milara of the ocean, to him. #FP

Phoebe L. ‏@Phoebe_LShade
Love isn’t losing yourself to this uncontrollable thing. It is a spotlight on
the parts of you and her that fit nowhere but together. #FP

Christy Helzner ‏@christyhelzner
“Oil pie, oil pie, seal it with a curse!” The old crone whispered, cutting a
slice. “Maybe he’ll get dissentary–maybe something worse!” #fp

EJ Fisch ‏@EJFisch
“That’s why she treated you the way she did, why she often came
across so cold. She was protecting you.”
β€œFrom what?”
β€œFrom herself.”

Every Writer ‏@QueryAnne
To the west, love, smelling like home, bereft of judgement, folding me
into the crease of worn paper, its key located below my feet. #FP

Sarah Brentyn ‏@SarahBrentyn
I left the place where I was happy. You reached out your hand. I took it.
I walked away from myself. I gave up my peace. All for love.


Eda Vor ‏@EdaJVor
β€œHugo is a lovely man. We have been social.”
β€œYOU have been social. He has been bitten by the love bug and you
seem to be his only cure” #FP

Karen ‏@KarenOhren
All for love
each scar
a bitter memory
truth born
from honeyed lies
my voice
loud in the silence
you did not break me
I survived.


Guardian Lights Book ‏@GuardianLights
He nodded. After taking a pause, he pulled her into a quick hug. She
closed her eyes and let him, just for a moment. #fp

J.D. Estrada ‏@JDEstradawriter
When it comes to all for love,
Much has been said,
But all pales in comparison
To what Sting, Bryan Adams & Rod Stewart had to say

J.D. Estrada ‏@JDEstradawriter
I smiled
I cried
I lost
I found
I broke
I mended
I flew
I crashed
I screamed
I sang
I dreamed
I woke up
And all of it
Was done for love

J.D. Estrada ‏@JDEstradawriter
When you do something for your fellow human
Remember that it’s always better
To do it all for love.
Lotta Craft ‏@lottacraft
Love is a rare commodity. Will it soon be bottled and sold on the black
market? We forget that love cost nothing and means everything. #FP

Tracy Meyerhofer ‏@FuzzyPupPress
All for love
That’s why we did it
We left our home
Our lands
Our lives
So you could live
The life we couldn’t
We did it for love

Bret M.W. ‏@Bretmw_Author
She came back! But, as she dug into my chicken wings, moaning out a
climax, I knew it was not for love at all. At least not love of me.

Paul Baxter ‏@baxterpm
He knew as a wolf, he could save her.
He knew his next shift would be his last.
What he didn’t know yet: could he give his all for love?

Chris Mahan ‏@chris_mahan
All for love
All for hate
All for the need to disintegrate
Planet in peril
Missiles near flying
Which will it be
Is there any love left?

Mr Paul ‏@CnstantGardener
Every time he sung “All for love,” the irony hit him hard. His only hit and
he got no royalties for the song. #FP



The Very Best of Second Chances!


Today is the day that the GRAYS are calling Mega #FP Day.
Seriously. There’s a super awesome round of #FP hitting the world right now, as I write this and like that isn’t blowing our mind enough …
Here we are with the lost Very Best Of’s, too!
It is a good day.
For a few moments, it can be good. The struggles at home have not gone away and they never will … but a moment to breath, that’s all it took for us to get some fight back.
Now, we’re gonna keep it that way.
Anyhow, these forewords aren’t going to be too long, because #FP on the other side is calling me with it sweet, ghostly voice and I am compelled to follow, so …
Enjoy The Very Best of Second Chances!


Lettuce is Tricksy ‏@AdrianYoung10
‘It’s a wonderful life’ a remake.

Clarence: Jump muthafucka!

George: Don’t I get a second chance?

Clarence: Not this time loser!

Dimple Β© ‏@Dimple969
Her interest
became her
mysterious lover
fractured heart

#FP #hangtenstories #madVerse #IntrigueVerse #tenwords

Mr Paul ‏@CnstantGardener
“I’m giving you a second chance at the job!”
“Thank you….”
“You’re fired!”
“That was your chance, now get out of here.”

Aneesha Shewani ‏@tweetoeuvre
Can you hear wails
From the kingdom of souls
Pale figures in-waiting
For another life
Asecond chance
To rectify errors of the past

Aneesha Shewani ‏@tweetoeuvre
If we could say No
To this culture
Of collective violence
There may still be
A second chance
To drink to peace
From the same chalice

Bret M.W. ‏@Bretmw_Author
His hand gripped hers as the dirt clods fell.
Life too short.
“Perhaps we try again?” He knew it was the hardest thing he’d ever

Guy Ricketts ‏@GuyRicketts
She refused to give him a second chance,no matter what he said.
“No matter what I say?”
She nodded. He smiled.
“Time machine.”
#FP #SciFiFri

Elle Karma ‏@ellekarmawrites
There exists a place of second chances where all prior commitments
are forgotten and I can honestly be his forever. #FP

Cedrix E. Clarke ‏@CedrixClarke
Cedrix admitted to the elders that his efforts on Earth had failed. β€œA
second chance in a 1,000 years,” he said, β€œif humanity survives.” #FP

Sophie Alice Acton ‏@prosateuse
Life’s a trial, darling,
It’s one thing after another.
So chin up,
Lace your boots,
And brace for the next attack.

Cedrix E. Clarke ‏@CedrixClarke
They shot him. He talked. They decapitated him. He talked. His head
and body wouldn’t burn. He kept saying, “Worship me. I am your god.”

Chris Mahan ‏@chris_mahan

She asked me to give her a second chance
I knew she would just break my heart again
I said yes, because I loved her
You understand?

Emma Cox ‏@scyian
We’ve both changed. We can’t help the circumstances. Past is past.
Can we please wipe the slate clean and start again? #FP

darlfinch ‏@darlfinch
History admits things to the earth, sometimes as a gentle hand
caressing blooms in passing, sometimes as a violent subconscious
tread. #FP

Hannah Powley ‏@Hannah_Monster
You gave me a second chance to love you and here I stand with your
heart in more pieces than before. I take it there won’t be a third? #FP

Bobbi Bowman ‏@bobbibowwoman
Okay, little ones. That didn’t go so well. We have a second chance at it.
Watch my tail and give it all you’ve got.
-Goldfish diaries #FP

Lo-arna Green ‏@loarnagreen
You cracked open my heart to allow light in, you’re my second chance
at everything #FP

RΓͺve-Ree ‏@ReeDwithaBee
They say that high on the hill is a house of second chances. This is
where you must go. But be aware, the cost to your heart is dear. #FP
Mark Farley ‏@mumbletoes
My wife & I arrived at the pearly gates for the 2nd time.
God was NOT happy. “I told you to go downstairs!”
“He didn’t want us either.”
Fitness B ‏@Beatonm5
Dear Diary
How many second chances can you give someone?
I guess I am really bad at maths.

S Rodger Bock ‏@SRodgerBock
You’d give me a second chance? If I’m being honest, I’m going to need
far more than just two. I’m likely going to offend you repeatedly. #FP
Lord Stabdagger! ‏@Lord_Stabdagger
#FP I’d always done everything by the book and still failed. Nothing left,
I assign my soul to the Devil. One last chance to show them all!

Nerd Cactus ‏@NerdCactus
Philo’s blind gaze fixed disconcertingly upon Moira, reminding her once
again that he could see souls. “Eamon is your second chance.” #FP

Robert Fox ‏@foxbow56
I feel like grandchildren are a second chance but then I feed um candy
and send them home with their parents #FP

chris papps ‏@chrispapps2
#FP They pleaded, entreated their spindly arms thrust out in calls for mercy, unmoved on his black steed Death gave no second chances

Carol ‏@CarolDrummond4
A second chance
When first love
Still holds heart
In its tender embrace
Ever lifts the soul
In poignant memory
Will remain
Elusive joy
Neha Malude ‏@TellYouA_Story
“How can I be happy for life?”
“Don’t give anyone a second chance, that’s how.” #fp #vss

PlatinumRoseLady ‏@PlatinumRoseL
John wiped the steam away from the mirror – not easy, since his hand
was now a cat’s paw. “THIS is a second chance?!” Damn spell. #FP

Christopher Mentzer ‏@Chris_Mentzer
As Tom dove towards the pool he realized to his horror that it was
empty. Guess he won’t get that second chance. #FP
Tatjana Urbic ‏@tatjanaurbic
Despite changing the timeline again, her answer remained the same,
as if she was immune to time disruptions.
No chance for him
#SciFiFri #FP

Hope Denney ‏@HopeDenney2
He courted Death, begging while they waltzed for a fresh chance with
his wife–then had no time to protest when Death whisked him to

Erin Hayes ‏@ewhayes1
Before you
I surrender
Cloaked in a blanket
Of guilt & regret
Say you’ll accept me;
My offer
And we’ll begin
You can call me V ‏@vspearson85
The angels survey the smoking ruin that had once been Earth.
“You think the big man will give them a second chance?”

Lord Stabdagger! ‏@Lord_Stabdagger
#FP Is it cruel to put a frail old man in his 90’s to life in prison? It is
when I prove that I was the one he murdered in my previous life.
Ashley Beasley ‏@beasley_writes
He could have stopped her from going but he put it off far too long. She
wouldn’t give him a second chance at loving her. #fp
Christopher Mentzer ‏@Chris_Mentzer
“Is this heaven?”
“No Mr. Phelps,” said the doctor. “We’ve given you a second chance at
“Crap, now I have to face the in-laws.” #FP

Stephen Clarkson ‏@Ste_Clarkson90
The earth cracked open, thunderous and bright with molten fire. From
the deep, He arose with a smile and looked skyward. “Round two”.

Stephen Clarkson ‏@Ste_Clarkson90
The light embraced her. Safe and warm. Home.
Her body jolted. An iron taste. Pain. Screeching. Suffering.
Stolen to her second chance.

Bonnie Swanson ‏@BB_Swann
Guilty with no chance of being proven innocent, prosecuted yet not
allowed to defend myself. No one has asked for my side of the story
Z. ‏@Zedzeddicus
Three pounds of pressure. The hammer clicked, but the gun misfired.
Pulling the weapon away from his head he thought of second chances.

Forrest Harter ‏@pawharter
And foam of sea blue eyes topped waves of dream, as her mind
washed ashore eyes wide open… home in bed… #FP
Maria Hossain 🍟 🍕 ‏@logophile_maria
“This might be my second chance, or last, to prove to the gods that I’m
not soulless, that I’m not all dark.”
Yet he burst into tears.

Elyse Salpeter ‏@elysesalpeter
Parenting is hard-There are no second chances. You do something it’s
in stone. You can change but you’re a sum of your behaviors.Be

Elle Karma ‏@ellekarmawrites
Looking back, his life was a smattering of squandered opportunities –
love, money, happiness. Maybe death would be his second chance.

John Bryant ‏@wordtypes
He’d clipped her wings a lifetime ago. Now, after all those years, she
jumped at the chance to return the favor. @FridayPhrases #fp

Pround Games ‏@ProundGames
I never should have entered that cave. The darkness and I are one.
Gone is the light, and ne’er shall it return. #FP #fridayflash
Jenn R-J ‏@jennfel
Born blue
Her first breath
Became a
Second chance
#FP #vss

You can call me V ‏@vspearson85
“I don’t know who you are anymore,” she told him.
He smiled. At least amnesia gives you a second chance at a good first
impression. #fp

Chie ‏@Chierafied
“I know it’s easier to forgive others,” he said gently, “but you need to be
kinder to yourself. You deserve a second chance, too.” #FP

Z. ‏@Zedzeddicus
Tell me there’s more to this; a second chance perhaps? Eighty-five
years wasted. Cowering. Hiding. Afraid. I never really lived. #FP
Drew Mai ‏@DrewMaipoet
So gentle the moment
Seven steps from tragedy
It held the hue of heaven

Stephen 🐺 ‏@GallifreyGamgee
“You want a second chance?” Anna spat at Eva. “Traitors to my cause
don’t deserve them! Take her to the Black Portal and throw her in!” #FP
DesertMoonPublishing ‏@MoonMarketingAZ
“You cheated on me?”
“I was drunk.”
“No excuses, you ass!”
She stormed at him. He braced for a slap. She hit him with an angry

scififri ‏@SciFiPrompt
Where I come from there are only 7 days in a week!
We have 8 here, an extra day for anyone who needs to fix a mistake …
#SciFiFri #FP

Kaye Steger ‏@utkaye
Regardless of the cliche, not every one deserves a second chance.

Anna T. ‏@Anna4anybody
Telling stories to kids at school
Sometimes they laugh or cry
But stories are just a kind of tool
To help us see life & make us try!

Every Writer ‏@QueryAnne
When the ice begins to melt it shines again, transformed. It sparkles
anew. It has the power to pull great slabs of frozen rivers apart. #fp

Anjela Curtis ‏@AnjelaCurtis
He loved his wife “hole-heartedly,” which left an opening for many
affairs, but no room for a second chance when his wife found out. #FP

Megan Cutler ‏@Megan__Cutler
Whatever brought him to this moment, be it some ancient power or an
accident, he knew the value of every moment. He wouldn’t squander it

Anachronist ☾ ‏@Anachronist3
#FP The shop was full of flasks, feathers and bright jewels but I stayed
“A box of second chances, the whole set please.” I ordered

Casey Donart ‏@casey_donart
She once believed
In second chances
And third chances
And fourth
But soon
She was out of chances
And there was nothing left
#FP #poetry

Parry ‏@ParawlPerwyl
Deeper than the flood of tears
Is the cord that connects and remains strong between them
Chie ‏@Chierafied
I knowingly crossed the line, counting on her forgiveness.
But her cold eyes told me she’d given out new chances one time too
many. #FP

Morgan ✏ ‏@Writer_Princess
Snakes of fear coiled in her stomach. Her courage was sinking to her
toes. One more chance. She gripped the gun tighter. Do or die. #FP

Dee Lancaster ‏@dee_lancaster
God tired of whiners. “A second chance? You wanted a second
chance? Why do you think I gave you sunrises? 365 second chances a
year!” #FP

Shannon Reber ‏@ShannonArtWrite
My blade sang as I sliced it toward his throat. Second chance? No. He
had a first chance. That was more than enough. #FP

Shannon Reber ‏@ShannonArtWrite
She looked down on the world which had betrayed her, ignored her.
Death had given her a second chance. She would show them the truth.

Shannon Reber ‏@ShannonArtWrite
I stared at him. Chance had always been such a dour man. The
second Chance looked happy. What was going on? Which Chance did
I want? #FP

A˒ᡉᡉᡐSᡃˣᡉᢰᡃ ‏@RedNightHawkAKS
Although we only came to play,
We faced a question one fine day,
Look at their plea askance,
Or give the #FP ladies their second chance?

Chie ‏@Chierafied
Life has a way, of breathing down your neck, sucking away all hope.
And yet, there is a second chance for us all — sometimes even more!

Chie ‏@Chierafied
“If you really loved me, you’d give me another chance!”
She laughed, tears staining her cheeks. “I’ve realised now, I love
myself more.” #FP

Elisa Romagnoli ‏@elisalromagnoli
“You were supposed to be my second chance,” He rasped. More blood
slipped from his lips.
A rueful laugh filled the empty spaces. #FP

Joshua Haveman ‏@JDHaveman
I work to win her heart again, every day, on a million worlds. Every
wrong was different, but every right is the same love. #SciFiFri #FP

Declan Drake ‏@declan_drake
A second chance,
To dance,
Once more,
On the floor,
of Life.


Eda Vor ‏@EdaJVor
It reminded her that while trees are rooted firmly to the ground, their
branches can sway. This pose was a chance to reassess #FP

Honey Pot ‏@ErosVerse
The second
Time around
I knew you would
Mark me a little
More deeply
A little more
A little less


Cherish D. Smith ‏@icherishwriting
Seems like everyone done made up they mind β€˜bout him anyway. But
he’s not fooling me with those paper roses. #FP

You can call me V ‏@vspearson85
“Could you just give me a second?”
“Chance would be a fine thing, I’ve not got a second for myself!”

Richard Gibney ‏@ragtaggiggagon
Trapped in his vessel on a black hole’s edge, he found he could
communicate across both space AND time. What would the widower

George ‏@BklynMercado

she was nothing more
than my second chance
at tomorrow
once I finally realized
was truly gone
TR ‏@_The_Mad_Monk
He dropped the knife, sat in new darkness. Maybe without sight he
wouldn’t want the things he couldn’t have. #fp
TR ‏@_The_Mad_Monk
“This line here,” Madam Zaun said as she ran a long pink fingernail up
his palm, “is a second chance. Don’t wait. You don’t have long.” #fp

Guardian Lights Book ‏@GuardianLights
Gabe’s outburst didn’t tell her anything about what he needed to hear,
but she had made a promise to be a better friend this time #FP

CM Sutton ‏@Battwings95
“I’m sorry. How can I get a second chance, love?” Abe examined Mrs.
Lincoln’s check-mate grin, “Ok dear, but I’m so not a theatre guy” #FP

Of The Wilds ‏@OfTheWilds
She raised him as her own child. Taught him to love his life, and to
defend it. The hatchling of the dragon she slew. Her second chance.

Kaye Steger ‏@utkaye
Every animal that lives in a shelter just wants a forever home. Adopt
don’t shop, and give a fur baby a second chance at a good life. #FP

A˒ᡉᡉᡐSᡃˣᡉᢰᡃ ‏@RedNightHawkAKS
The next day his wife gave him a poem titled,”I want a divorce,Bob.” It
read,”If you want to go to the bar you should go. I’ll be fine.” #FP

Z. ‏@Zedzeddicus
He was old. Ancient. He had witnessed man evolve & devolve again.
Man had become both weak & dangerous prey. #FP

The Resistance. ‏@KendraCP
#FP He promised he would never again break her heart, begging for
another chance. But he was the reason she no longer believed in love.

The Resistance. ‏@KendraCP
Second chances are for those who believe people can change. We are
too fragile to admit the truth; hearts bleed hope until it runs out #FP



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