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The Very Best of Seven Deadly Sins part 1!


Wow, what an absolutely endlessly awful few days!
Someone here thought it’d be a good idea to rip up all the carpets in this house and tile the floors, so the innards of the rooms had to be divulged and vomited into every inch of open floor in the rest of the house for like, THREE DAYS!
I slept outside on the stoop! OUTSIDE! AT NIGHT!
Anyway, I’m back in my room and the house is clean. Blessed bloody day!
As you can imagine, my day has been really busy so getting to do this only now … not my intention. I promise!
The beginning of this year has not been a good beginning. Not because we aren’t driven and determined to do everything, buuut because I had food poisoning over Christmas and New Year, which was so much fun, and then when the first issue of the #200WT was due to release, the blog went and broke itself.
For two weeks.
So, not been without challenge. And a lot of challenge, because ain’t nothing like a tech issue in the first week of the year to make you wanna tear your hair out.
To all who contributed to what should have been last week’s edition … I am so sorry for this. I’m really trying my best to fix everything up.
And now, before I burst into tears, again, to the #FP’s!
The theme last week was Seven Deadly Sins and I swear to God, I was hooked. I was enthralled. Horrified, in places, cos hell you guys can get some thoughts, but it was one of the very best themes I remember and I’d like to thank everyone who participated, and helped make it a day I will never in a million years forget.
As a side note, this also marks the first time Gray Girls Team sister, @luciadevic, is making the #FP selections so all that you’ll read hereafter is what my brilliant sister decided was gonna stay! Wheeeee!
Off with you and enjoy the Very Best of Seven Deadly Sins part 1!

2017 will be Tricksy ‏@AdrianYoung10
Lust – oh yea
Gluttony – occasionally
Greed – often
Sloth – always
Wrath – dont get me started!
Envy – oooh! shiny!
Pride – lion
I win!

Carol ‏@CarolDrummond4
Please Mother Nature
Forgive all our trepasses
And sins against you
#FP #haiku

Inlight ‏@PansEarth
One for each day of the week.

Drew Mai ‏@DrewMaipoet
Never be
Beneath the rut that holds
Old feet

Drew Mai ‏@DrewMaipoet
No leather needs sharpening
No hammocks need oil
No one needs another
So run with the shadows
Breathe between tears

Mirz ‏@mirz333
“I don’t know. You hit your head pretty hard. Name the 7 Deadly Sins.” “Happy, Sleepy, Dopey, Doc–”
“Get this man to the hospital.” #FP

Paul Baxter ‏@baxterpm
The Seven Deadly Sins:
Wait. That’s not it.

Caitlin Keeton ‏@CaitlinKeeton
Bride Cried
Too late to Escape the
of a man she no more
a Taster
a Medley of the
7 Deadly Sins
Bridegroom Wins #FP

Paul Baxter ‏@baxterpm
Anyone who can think of only seven deadly sins hasn’t much imagination.

Cedrix E. Clarke ‏@CedrixClarke
She cursed her stepmother & begrudged her stepsisters. When she stole the prince, they called her Sin-devil-la. The original was muddled. #FP

Paul Baxter ‏@baxterpm
The lobbyist leaned in. “Forget about the seven deadly sins,” he said. “I got it down to six. We merged greed and gluttony.”

Mollie ‏@readheadreader
“The Seven Deadly Sins or as I like to call them ‘life goals'” “Not to judge but I think you might need to reevaluate things.”

Al Nobody ‏@Nobodyetall
Locking myself away,
in a room with little view,
cold sweats & shaking bones,
I pushed through,
forgiving myself,
for the sinner I was.

Fitness B ‏@Beatonm5
sometimes the only difference between a Saint and Sinner is the amount of time/effort one takes to hide evidence of guilty indulgences #FP

Paul Baxter ‏@baxterpm
“There is only one deadly sin here on Aeaea,” Circe said, “and that is the failure to amuse me.”

A.M. Hounchell ‏@inferno4dante
Wraith: Valentine felt like his heart was broken, but he had her heart in his pocket. #FP

A.M. Hounchell ‏@inferno4dante
Greed: Patty was unsure whether she wanted to go for the gold or her girlfriend. It was honestly the most difficult decision she’d faced #FP

A.M. Hounchell ‏@inferno4dante
Lust: Leap wanted the power that everyone else possessed. He didn’t care how he gained it. #FP

A.M. Hounchell ‏@inferno4dante
Gluttony: As they were running away from the gunmen, Kurt stopped to inspect one of the turkey bones on the ground for meat. #FP

A.M. Hounchell ‏@inferno4dante
Envy: April had began to hate Valentine for becoming friends with Patty so quickly. She wished he would go back to prison. #FP

A.M. Hounchell ‏@inferno4dante
Sloth: The Warden was slow to stop uprisings at the risk of his employees and he was slow to get out of bed. #FP

A.M. Hounchell ‏@inferno4dante
Pride: Lousie was unkillable, she knew that and she gloated about it, even after the dragon of wraith consumed her. #FP

Stephen ‏@GallifreyGamgee
The general stared goggle-eyed at the sergeant.
“Don’t you mean seven deadly sins?”
“No sir, one deadly sin! Gluttony ate the rest!” #FP

Sophie Alice Acton ‏@prosateuse
Lust came with hands of silk
Greed followed with hands of gold
Then came envy with hands of leather
Last came wrath with hands of steel

Chris Mahan ‏@chris_mahan
Seven deadly sins:
Boring the reader
Copyright violation
Flat characters
Predictable plot
Insulting readers
Missing Oxford commas

Stephen ‏@GallifreyGamgee
Sloth and gluttony arose last and followed their five siblings of sin, while vultures kept watch over the carnage the sins had left #FP

Olli Crusoe ‏@OlliCrusoe
todays #FP by @IronMaiden:
Seven deadly sins
Seven Ways to win
Seven holy paths to hell
and your trip begins

Stephen ‏@GallifreyGamgee
Pandora opened the box one last time to check on the damned deadly sins she had locked away.
“Five, six…where’s that bloody Pride?” #FP

Roger__Jackson ‏@jabe842
She loved how he seasoned his cooking with unexpected flavours, but never realised how greedy she could be until she tasted gangrene. #FP

Emma Cox ‏@scyian
“Kill him now! Let us cut out his heart and see how blackened with greed it is!” #fp

Dante & The Lobster ‏@Marcgalez
Field of stars
shattered by
bellicose clouds.
Schooled by eyes
of wide fortune.
Seven waves,
seven times.

Jessica Hopkins ‏@Cyborg_Writer
Pride; a moment of thought,
Where you are who you want to be,
But really…you’re not. #FP

Robert Fox ‏@foxbow56
Shakespeare, Dickens, How would they have survived without the seven deadly sins, I ask you? #FP

Aneesha Shewani ‏@tweetoeuvre
Of all evils I romanced
I cannot find the one
Stronger than my fears
Now I wallow in hell
With profane memories
Guilt replays endlessly

Bobbi Bowman ‏@bobbibowwoman
Goldfish encouraging me to write an ocean thriller “Seven Deadly Fins” #FP

AJ Mullican ‏@AJMullican
It seemed like the heat was practically radiating from between her legs as her eyes trailed down the taught muscles on his back. #FP

Roger__Jackson ‏@jabe842
All it takes are raindrops making her dark hair darker, or her fingers around a coffee cup to ignite that electric knot in my chest. #FP

chris papps ‏@chrispapps2
Don’t beat this fragile shell,
With promise of heaven,
Or threat of hell.
What seems mortal sin,
Is but the shadow of the soul within.

Becky Spence ‏@bex_spence
The rain hurt. Each pellet steel cold. She pulled the doll from her coat. Tossed it out there. Alone. No one would have it now. #fp #envy

You can call me V ‏@vspearson85
7 rooms for 7 deadly sins. Smashing the wrath room was fun, but she should’ve visited gluttony *after* lust. Cake belly & kink don’t mix #fp

You can call me V ‏@vspearson85
“Let’s get sinful’ he grinned suggestively.
“Great idea” she said “let’s start with gluttony and sloth.”

Tatjana Urbic ‏@tatjanaurbic
“He’s gorgeous. I’m so in love.”
Rolling her eyes at her friend.
“Yeah, he should be added to the list as the eighth deadly sin.”

Elle Karma ‏@ellekarmawrites
“Men are prideful creatures,” she chided. “So easy to wound. Ever easier to manipulate.” #FP

chris papps ‏@chrispapps2
With greed we ply our trade,
And burn with envy,
As our looks will fade.
And take false pride,
In all the shining toys we have made.

chris papps ‏@chrispapps2
He was a cocktail of deadly sins,
Pleasing on the outside,
Hollow and rotting deep within.

Belinda Burke ‏@BBurkeAuthor
His love was denial, dependence, and violence bound together by lust. A love that lived only in darkness. #FP

Elle Karma ‏@ellekarmawrites
He sold sin like it was water in the desert. Gluttons were lured to the mirage and drank the sand despite their thirst. #FP

Nerd Cactus ‏@NerdCactus
The narcissistic man looks at the world & sees only himself reflected back. #FP

Call me Trulock ‏@CrTrulock
“Seven sins? No. Seven masks cloak but a single devil that ruins all. Predictable, you’d see the surface and miss the depth: excess.” #fp

Elyse Salpeter ‏@elysesalpeter
I googled “7 Deadly Sins.” I got the name of a band, foods not to eat, a meme and a movie title. Not one vice. Our generation is doomed. #FP

Nerd Cactus ‏@NerdCactus
“Oxford,” Edward spat, lip curled. “A glorified school for killers.”
“Not true, brother,” Mia replied. “I can do much worse than kill.” #FP

Bret M.W. ‏@Bretmw_Author
Not vile enough, not quite as bad as he could be, but striving to achieve such a glorious thing as pure infamy. All he lacked was Sloth. #FP

Nerd Cactus ‏@NerdCactus
“I like Zeke,” Abraham confessed, voice slow & thick with Virginia, “but if hard work so much as glanced at him, he’d shatter.” #FP

Maryann Holloway ‏@Ma_Holloway
As she looked at the scale’s digital display she sighed. Chocolate cake is definitely one of the seven deadliest sins. Pie too. #FP

Elle Karma ‏@ellekarmawrites
I couldn’t deny my attraction to Lucien. He filled my head with lustful thoughts – the kind that make priests blush in confessional. #FP

chris papps ‏@chrispapps2
True story
Each day I bear witness to the deadly sins
My own go quietly on their way
Each day I bear witness to the human souls journey

Bret M.W. ‏@Bretmw_Author
Moon, cousin of Sun
Your jealousy has no reason
You’re best being you
#FP #haiku

Roger__Jackson ‏@jabe842
Spent, he adjusted his scarlet robes and waited for the nuns to breathe once more.
“My name,” he told the corpses. “Is Cardinal Sin.”

Sarah Viehmann ‏@SarahViehmann
#FP A snake curled up in the pit of my stomach. A snake that I had known before, but not for decades. Was I . . . jealous? Impossible.

Elle Karma ‏@ellekarmawrites
Penn braced himself for the wrath. It had been the belt last time, but father was already halfway through a fifth of whiskey. #FP

Cyril Bunt ‏@Cyril_Bunt
#FP A new day comes as the old days pass. This will end for me one day, so I will live in the now and act in this moment. Any suggestions?

roomatthefront ‏@roomatthefront1
Seven deadly sins, one for each day of the week.
Can’t be a coincidence

Susan Canary ‏@black_canary02
Of deadly sins there are seven
I’ve practiced every one
Some more than once
Just to get it right

Kristen ‏@TheHemicane
“People just don’t engage with one another anymore, face-to-face, & that’s a shame,” she said into the camera. #FP

roomatthefront ‏@roomatthefront1
Given up the seven deadly sins
For the New Year
Lying isn’t a sin…is it?

roomatthefront ‏@roomatthefront1
I wonder why the sins are deadly
They can’t be fatal, I know plenty of older people who regularly indulge. #FP

Christopher Slagle ‏@christopheresl2
He knew she wasn’t to blame. There were other figures pulling both of their strings; they deserved his wrath much more than she did. #FP

Erin Hayes ‏@ewhayes1
A green snake of envy slithered out of my soul coiling itself around my neck, choking back my words. He gave her his heart & broke mine. #fp

Rêve-Ree ‏@ReeDwithaBee
On a long summer night, mischievous sprites sprinkle a little lust into the restless winds, making eyes meet & darken in play & desire. #FP

stevemcauliffe ‏@beholdcosmicwav
Problem being, an invisibility cloak soon becomes a second skin
Just as incremental compromise becomes permanent surrender over time

Erin Hayes ‏@ewhayes1 
eenie meenie miney mo
spin the wheel and watch them go
of the lot, which sin shall I pick?
perhaps all 7 will do the trick

F.B. Jefferson ‏@FBJeffers0n
It wouldn’t be hard to give every single person what they need, except we live in a world that is run by greed. #FP

Jesse Stuart ‏@SisterQuill
‘I accused you of murder and your heartbeat hasn’t changed at all. I think I might have to re-evaluate you.’ #FP

jəħezˈqel ‏@eobonare
Our lust fed from her beauty
All eyes, shone with either greed or envy
Lost is Pride and wrath
to this show of shameless gluttony

Vicki Addesso ‏@VickiAddesso
I cast no stones
though my tongue spits boulders.
What strikes from between my lips
rips wounds in souls.
Subtle sins sow sorrow
deep. #FP

Kelly Phillips ‏@OtterGoddessKel
I kill people. Ruthless men pay handsomely for my services. But in her eyes, my greatest sin is forgetting to put the toilet seat down. #FP

Catherine Callicott ‏@1catcallicott
Her stomach was distended and she flicked the snap of her jeans for relief. Wrappers littered her tray, Taco Bell was a healthy option.#fp

jəħezˈqel ‏@eobonare
Seven continents
Seven deadly sins
Seven gates of hell
1 life to live

2017 will be Tricksy ‏@AdrianYoung10
“What’s you’re fav deadly sin?”
“All of them!”
“You can only choose one”
“Ok. Peyote”
“Shiraz then”

J.L. Brown ‏@AuthorJLBrown
They didnt label me simply a sinner,but a demon from Hell;a vile deviant sent by the Devil himself to corrupt & defile my good neighbors #FP

kendalljaye ⚾️collard ‏@KJCollard
Seventh took a bow. The deadly story was long last finished. His sibling sins joined him on stage for the curtain call. #FP

kendalljaye ⚾️collard ‏@KJCollard
And the world, bored with only Seven Deadly Sins, began to create new ones more deadly than the originals. #FP

2017 will be Tricksy ‏@AdrianYoung10
Seven deadly sins? I thought there were eight?
“No. Only seven. What did you think the eighth one was?”
“Eight it is then!”

Elle Karma ‏@ellekarmawrites
She was a greedy woman, demanding all my love, all my affection. And I’d gladly give it all to my last dying breath. #FP

jfx mcloughlin ‏@jfxmcl
Deadly or sinful, I can’t say for sure but we do seem to punish ourselves for our own happiness #FP

so_manywords ‏@so_manywords
#FP No matter that they both belonged to another. She craved the havoc he wreaked on her mind & body. She could taste his skin in her mind.

J.L. Brown ‏@AuthorJLBrown
“My absence is for your benefit, Reverend. My presence below your steeple could be dangerous. I wouldn’t want lightening to strike.” #FP

Kris. always Kris.. ‏@superkrispydj
#FP of the 7 deadly office sins, being snappy was considered the worst. Closely followed by coveting staplers & eating the last donut.

kendalljaye ⚾️collard ‏@KJCollard
Suddenly, the 8th Deadly Sin found herself redeemed and ascended while her siblings stood transfixed. #FP

SarahJane ‏@SarahJelCook
Was it greed? she would never know. It was more a feeling rather than action. Either way she knew it to be deadly and a number #FP

Anna ‏@CurleySueView
He smelled the crisp
Snow in her hair.
She smelled the
Warm cherry blend
Of his kiss.
Come out, stay in
Each implored.
-Love won out #FP

❄ Lauren See ❄ ‏@laurenseewrites
“What does he wear to bed do you think? I’d say boxer briefs.” Lust fills his eyes. “You’ll let me know, won’t you?”#FP #amwriting

Anna ‏@CurleySueView
Footprints knee deep
In snow.
The mountain quiet
As the beginning
Of time.
He is somewhere close.
Yet seems farther away now.
-Time #FP

Casey Donart ‏@casey_donart 
“You are my world, the desire I long for deep in my chest. I’d commit every sin to keep you forever” #FP #lovelines #lust

The Very Best of INHERITANCE – part 2



I shall make coffee instead and read epic things.
It’s Sunday. It’s a last holiday!
Now while I do that, you read your epic things in the Very Best of Inheritance part 2!

Elizabeth Roderick ‏@LidsRodney 

This fear is my inheritance, that I will watch myself destroy everything I’ve built, over and over, until the rubble buries me. #fp


Elizabeth Roderick ‏@LidsRodney 

Every generation inherits the vast misunderstanding of the one before, squandering it in favor of a deeper delusion. #fp


Michael Fehr ‏@FehrMichael1 

Mankind never learned restraint. So when the planet bloomed in nuclear fire, roaches inherited the Earth. #FP


Michael Fehr ‏@FehrMichael1 

He really was God’s gift to women. However, like most gifts that a woman does not pick out for herself, he was returned for exchange. #FP


Nano Horror ‏@tweetsthecreeps 

#FP My inheritance included the key to the always-locked basement and a note that said, “Now that we’re gone, meet your real parents.”


Lord Stabdagger! ‏@Lord_Stabdagger 


My inheritance laid out before me, weapons James Bond wouldn’t understand. Your father wasn’t a Priest, He was a 1st rate assassin.


Lord Stabdagger! ‏@Lord_Stabdagger 


My brother had it all, wife, family, career. I had nothing. We weren’t close so being identical made it easy to swap. They’ll never know


You can call me V ‏@vspearson85 

My father worked until he was a shell of bones. Now I’ve inherited the family business. I sharpen my scythe and set out to harvest souls #fp


Karina Lawrence ‏@KarinaLawrence 

Endless hours, that’s what was left to her. An empty beach with white sand and an overcast sky. Silence and solitude on a desert island #FP


Hope Denney ‏@HopeDenney2 

In theory, they’d made a great couple. On paper, their chromosomes were bold x’s of potential. In reality, their child fought to breathe.#FP


Christopher Slagle ‏@christopheresl2 

“The promise of inherited power simply swelled your already ample ego and blinded you to the immensity of the shoes you now fill.” #fp


Briana Mae Morgan ‏@brianawrites 

Her face surprised her… It was a far cry from her mother’s face, who sparkled the way the ocean did when the moonlight struck it. #fp


Gretchen Turonek ‏@GretchenTuronek 

He was technically the firstborn son, so his inheritance was his father’s family curse. His younger, legitimate brother got the throne. #fp


Hope Denney ‏@HopeDenney2 

Her love for Mum was conflicted, but she was proud to inherit the family farm. Until Mum’s voice called to her in the wind. Hope… #FP


JL Brown ‏@AuthorJLBrown 

I consider myself exceedingly blessed by the Goddess to have inherited not only my mother’s looks, but her boldness as well. #FP


kendalljaye ⚾️collard ‏@KJCollard 

All that was left was the scattered remains of a broken heart. She wept at her inheritance. #FP


kendalljaye ⚾️collard ‏@KJCollard 

Lost souls and scattered ashes. Who will lord over the Inheritance of All when the last woman dies? #FP


Megan Cutler ‏@Megan__Cutler 

Morulin called him the life of every party. He tried to ignore her jealousy. Inheriting their mother’s empathy provided an advantage. #FP


Megan Cutler ‏@Megan__Cutler 

Nanny’s been offering me keepsakes since I moved. But I won’t accept a single item, for fear Aunty and Nanny’s souls will come with it. #FP


You can call me V ‏@vspearson85 

Great-Aunt Pandora left me the box in her will, with stern warnings it was never to be opened. The temptation is becoming too much. #fp


pat ‏@pat_mw 

In 4th grd I made the kids’ church choir. I asked my mom to come to Mass. No, she said, I would if you were an altar boy. She’s unforgettable. #fp


Stephen Cleath ‏@GallifreyGamgee 

Olivia was so angry. Her inheritance was a pile of coal. How was she to know this “coal” would lead to a world of magic and mayhem? #FP


JD Estrada ‏@JDEstradawriter 

The mother looked down on her child

Both physically and spiritually

“Hate is my inheritance to you,” she said

“And you wear it well”



JD Estrada ‏@JDEstradawriter 

Remembering his grandmother, the #merman looked at his dinglehopper and smiled at his undersea #inheritance. #FP


JD Estrada ‏@JDEstradawriter 

Even with an inheritance, even with supposed success, nothing can trump the reality of a bad egg.



JD Estrada ‏@JDEstradawriter 

You don’t inherit bad attitudes or a shitty personality. Stop blaming genetics for a questionable nature.



Michelle ‏@TrulyYours_27 

His children inherited nothing, and so it happened that his young, grieving wife was found days later, hastily buried above him. #FP


Christopher Slagle @christopheresl2 

He inherited a land made destitute by greed and corruption, fractured by childish executors, and hounded by bandits and foreign armies. #fp


Amy Barone ‏@AmyBBarone 

#Poem: Inheritance-At my mother’s house/children’s laughter no longer rings thru sunlit rooms/a family of one has settled in #FP #amwriting


JD Estrada ‏@JDEstradawriter 

“You inherited your mother’s greatest treasure”

“But I have nothing to my name”

“Except what you share every time you open your eyes”



Amanda Kestrel ‏@AmandaKWrites 

She wore the ring on a chain instead of her finger, not because it didn’t fit, but because it was closer to her heart. #fp


Karina Lawrence ‏@KarinaLawrence 

Each as empty as the last. Not an inch of soul left in any of the corpses. She hadn’t been prepared for the hunger

Just like your father #FP


A.D. Young ‏@adyoungauthor 

She took the money, leaving him the only inheritance she would give: a fierce desire to survive. At 11 he took what he could get. #fp


Vicki Addesso ‏@VickiAddesso 

His eyes. My chin. His laugh. My grin. His lies. My sins. His tries. My wins.

We leave. You stay.

Always a new way.

Be you. Be true. #FP


Shannon Adams ‏@good2birish 

My inheritance from my father contained not pearls from the sea, but pearls of wisdom – to be true to me. #FP


Kimberly VanderHorst ‏@Kymburleev 

It was like someone broke my mother into tiny glittering pieces and made me into a living mosaic, a disco ball lit up by inherited crazy. #FP


Christine Sutton ‏@Battwings95 

She said her muse lived within the silence of the wind. He laughed at her as her spirit transformed. She realized her marriage was over. #fp


You can call me V ‏@vspearson85 

He had

His mum’s eyes,

His Dad’s hands,

His Aunt’s red hair.

Now he just needed his sister’s smile.

He sharpened his knife,

And waited.



M Lee ‏@ByMonicaLee 

like trees we stand

stand on mountains

on plains

in waters

scream NO

to toxic sadists

who trash mother

with “progress”




Katsyarina ‏@Katsyarina_L 

I lost my inherited soul

I lost who I was

all I’ve known

I’ve lost everything

who am I

I wonder as I live my life


fears&doubts #FP


Georgia Bell ‏@gabellbooks 

She’d said she didn’t care about his inheritance and meant it. But that was before she’d seen him shift in the light of the full moon. #FP


Nate Ragolia ‏@NateRagolia 

“Why are you making me do this!?” he screamed, his hand raised over her. And then he caught himself in the mirror. He was his father. #FP


Nate Ragolia ‏@NateRagolia 

The kingdom, once vibrant, now overgrown. The prince, once potential, now king. The people, once hopeful, now exhausted. A coup burbled. #FP


Christine Sutton ‏@Battwings95 

My Dad left me with a puzzle of his delusions, memories of a monster & a man, fear & love, kindness & hate, a path to forgiveness #fp #NAMI


Song of the Valkyrie ‏@StevenRogersVox 

And unlucky I, that have no inheritance for sustenance. My mother died at my birthing and my half-brothers fight for this spit of land.



Mel Evans ‏@Mela0084 

“Wretched pain to suffer at the hands of envy, So many broken hearts buried in the forest of inheritance” #FP


Nisha M ‏@nm_angelfaery 

A will, signed under duress, robbed him of his inheritance. He vowed revenge. But he died trying. #FP


Lotta Craft ‏@lottacraft 

They dug through knee deep mud for their inheritance and found an intricately ornate box. How bitter the disappointment, when 1/2 #FP


Lotta Craft ‏@lottacraft 

the box only held a handful of dried flies. What else did they expect? After all, their father had been the Frog Prince. 2/2 #FP


Georgia Bell ‏@gabellbooks 

They promised the meek would inherit the earth. She got tired of waiting. She turned her back on the inferno that raged, matches spent. #FP


Christopher Slagle ‏@christopheresl2 

“Yes, I’m his granddaughter, and I watched him devise countless spells and enchantments. But I didn’t inherit his talent for wizardry.” #fp


Every Writer ‏@QueryAnne 

Time strands you in that moment, in the dust swirling at your fingertips, which trace the edges of her face on the fleeting, faded paper #FP


Shannon Reber ‏@ShannonArtWrite 

#FP My inheritance is not gold or gems. All I will have from my ancestors, is the power which will be my end. Death is my heritage.


Shannon Reber ‏@ShannonArtWrite 

#FP My family is poor. There is nothing for me to inherit other than what they have already given. Imagination. I am rich indeed.


February Grace ‏@FebruaryGrace 

She would not become the disaster of components genetics would fashion her from. She would begin again, and be none but herself. #FP


Phoebe L. ‏@Phoebe_LShade 

Gold upon land, upon servants and power chained to a prison throne. I’ve succeeded much, along with the war my father couldn’t finish. #FP


PlatinumRoseLady ‏@PlatinumRoseL 

The wolves approached her. They circled her, and one by one they bowed.

“What are you?”

“Your inheritance,” the largest one replied.



Chie ‏@Chierafied 

I look at you and wonder, who gave you such a lovely smile or that nose you never liked? Though that kind, big heart, that’s all you. #FP


Parry ‏@ParawlPerwyl 

A proper mask

Accents the proper dress

The dress accents the curtsy

And hides the drying blood



Alicia ‏@demiurgent_G 

Voluptuous berries & nuts, the inheritance of a bounteous summer, glisten nestled in tints of copper & gold foreshadowing a dark winter. #fp


April Duke ‏@SimpleCntryGal 

“This had better work,” she stated flatly. “If I end up as a permanent broad-spread collection of qubits, you inherit this project.” #FP


Roger__Jackson ‏@jabe842 

They say I have my Mum’s sense of humour. I definitely inherited her eyes. They watch me from a jar, as blue as the day I cut them out. #FP


Who me?   ‏@Lilsweetnspice 

Red locks or short brown?

Has a ready smile or a frown?

Thoughts of who and what you’ll be

What traits from him and how you’re me.



Z ‏@Zedzeddicus 

He inherited the sidewalk, a gift left to him by gravel & skateboard. At 33, he knew he was too old for this nonsense. #FP


Chie ‏@Chierafied 

I see their traces in the mirror: in the set of my jaw and the line of my nose. Though I never got to meet them, I carry them with me. #FP


Julie McMahon ‏@Jenny_Pental 

The flick of her fiery red hair and glare of defiance stopped him dead. She was her mother’s daughter. Her inheritance was his penance. #FP


George ‏@BklynMercado 



are the inheritance

of the lost

seeking to be nursed

by hopes

of the reborn heart

& the dawn


Ayten Suvak ‏@SuAy30 

The usurper’s three faces

One for the crowd the other for himself

And the third for the inheritance claimants

At the court



Azeez Ahmed ‏@AzeezAhmed 

I inherit fire

from Her

My Prometheus.

Who stokes perception

and ignites passion

While our demons

suffer immolation

We blaze tomorrow.



George ‏@BklynMercado 


his inheritance

had always been

all those tomorrows

his father had failed to see


Briana Hernandez ‏@Tsuyoi_Inoue 

Most people inherit money, jewels or houses. I? I inherited grudges, vendettas and turf wars. Such is the life of a crime boss’s son. #FP


Paul Burvid ‏@PaulBurvid 

Rather than see her father’s work fall into the wrong hands, she reluctantly accepted the burdens of 53 worlds across 24 star systems. #FP


S Rodger Bock ‏@SRodgerBock 

Everything is waste–barren and hopeless.

Dust and ash. Desolation.

Silence in wake of the cataclysm.


…then one defiant twig rises. #FP


Casey Donart ‏@casey_donart 

She had inherited her mother’s beauty and social grace, but lacked the careless ability her mother used to deploy it. #FP


Shannon Reber ‏@ShannonArtWrite 

They are ingrates, so we burn the estate. They call us mad, but the voices say we are right. No inheritance for an ungrateful world. #FP


Phoenix Grey ‏@phoenixgrey85 

This is my inheritance, this demon inside my head. Nothing can control it, nothing can stop it. They say they can save me. They can’t. #FP


Rosie49 ‏@CanITakeANap 

Waiting and waiting, the children grew ancient. The old man gleefully lingered on draining both their inheritance and their ambitions. #FP


Lord Stabdagger! ‏@Lord_Stabdagger 

#FP What the hell are those things!!

Those, oh, they’re my demons. Yours now.

Please no! HELP ME!!

Why? Try and learn to read the small print


Liz Lazzara ‏@LizLazzara 

“…you’re twenty-two now and it’s in you. Your inheritance: screaming like your mother, hitting like your father.“ #FP #WIP


Ruzzel Zullo ‏@rmzullo 

Darkness fades as clouds paint morning skies in shades of crimson sun. A touch of chill wakes the senses as a new day is given to us. #fp


NERDY GEEK ‏@eobonare 

We all cried

What a discordant symphony

some in solemn silence

others wailed incoherently

Yes his seeds are many

To none a penny



GuitPlyr ‏@guit_plyr 

#FP I have no children so

My inheritance shall have to be

To the world.

May you all prosper,

Love one another,

Forgive, let go,

Be happy.



GuitPlyr ‏@guit_plyr 


These are my words,

Believe my story,

It is written of flesh,

Tears and


I share this


So you may know

My love.



George ‏@BklynMercado 


her love

was my only inheritance

for it has kept me whole

now that she’s gone away


Georgia Bell ‏@gabellbooks 

She’d covered it over. Masked it. Pushed it away. No matter. The rage she’d inherited from her father had its own heartbeat. And a plan. #FP


S Rodger Bock ‏@SRodgerBock 

I’m my father’s son

An inquisitive man

His deepest passion: to understand

His heritage is me

My charge: Carry him on

I humbly accept



Picture: Pixabay – CCO (Public Domain)

The Very Best of INHERITANCE – part 1




Oh, #FP …
This very long overdue post needs an explanation. We know that.
And we don’t … really have one. It’s just been one of those weeks where there’s no beginning, no end and very little in between except crushing exhaustion, soul-searching, meetings, antibiotics, et cetera.
It’s been a bad week. And we’ll do lots better next week, next time all this comes rolling round, we promise.
In the meantime, we hope we haven’t disappointed you guys too much. At least not as much as we’ve disappointed ourselves.
The August month has closed and September has begun, much to the horror of us time-conscious folk, but it opens doors for many new awesome things and we can’t wait to meet them!
Today the new 200 Word Tuesdays themes go up and no voting on them this time, in relation to the anthology being done for #200WT, so eyes wide open for that and as the very first Tuesday of the new month draws near, please, you’re more than welcome to join us in what could be you’re super stunning #200WT debut!
It’s exciting. New themes, new stories …
And to the #FP’s!
The theme of the week was Inheritance. We sometimes take a word from the great well of words and find a theme that is pretty much as close to perfect as perfect can be. And this is one of them. One of those themes that will live on in the history of #FP and will do things long after its Friday ended … believe me. We know these things 😉
Anyways, as I venture into the world of publishing law study and wish to tear my hair out, YOU must please enjoy the Very Best of Inheritance part 1!

Carol ‏@CarolDrummond4 

My inheritance


Any land or wealth

It is the privilege

Of being the child

Of two kind


Loving people



Denise.Carruthers ‏@CattyKoala 

What inheritance comes to me

in this fashion of my behaviour

prone to fly temper

wants over needs

Which bright spark ignited my flame



Rêve-Ree ‏@ReeDwithaBee 

His inheritance was fury & desire to get away from his roots. He succeeded but never realised how much it had congealed & embalmed him. #FP


Dante & The Lobster ‏@Marcgalez 

Constellations reflected on slow amber, an instinct in the blood that keeps us fixed amongst our swirling stars. #FP


Dante & The Lobster ‏@Marcgalez 

A smile I inherited from a stranger this morning, we both tried and failed, but carried it forward nonetheless. #FP


TR ‏@_The_Mad_Monk 

He opened the letter in a sweltering Mexican bar. He lit a match, watched it burn. He left that life behind forever. Cerveza, por favor. #fp


TR ‏@_The_Mad_Monk 

“You inherited your mom’s eyes,” aunt Lucy said. She wiped her funerary tears. “No,” Abe said. “I took them. Iris scanners, you know?” #fp


Sarah Brentyn ‏@SarahBrentyn 

She got her inheritance the eve after her mother’s death. The ability to see the dead. Her sister got the diamond earrings. Dammit. #FP


Sarah Brentyn ‏@SarahBrentyn 

It wasn’t until he hit her Kim realized she’d inherited her grandmother’s powers. He was flayed alive. Now what to do with the body. #FP


Cedrix E. Clarke ‏@CedrixClarke 

The home felt like an empty shell. A husk. The only life remaining was the garden, which was beautiful, but like a garden in a cemetery. #FP


Cedrix E. Clarke ‏@CedrixClarke 

“The butler?” asked Det. Les Cleux. “I guess he has motive. But the murderer? Can you really believe he’d want to be part of a cliché?” #FP


Cedrix E. Clarke ‏@CedrixClarke 

She hadn’t been real to begin with, only someone he’d made up to be less lonely, then he breathed life into her. #FP


Djinn and Tonic ‏@walesboy1972 

A crumbling castle, a malformed servant, a hostile village population, a nemesis and a thirst for blood. Such was my inheritance. #fp


Djinn and Tonic ‏@walesboy1972 

As he gasped his last breaths, the mouldering lump of rotting flesh that was my grandfather, cackled, “This disease is your inheritance” #fp


Chris Mahan ‏@chris_mahan 

#FP What inheritance will you leave your children?

That they were loved.


Thē Bret M.W.  ‏@Bretttmw_Words 

House is empty, punk rock & a stogie going. A good time to think “How am I going to spend my kids’ inheritance?” #FP


Thē Bret M.W.  ‏@Bretttmw_Words 

Last night.

Tomorrows no more.

In my mind

I can see you again.

Inheritance gone

But you left me with a smile.

A true good bye.



Thē Bret M.W.  ‏@Bretttmw_Words 

We left them,

What they wanted

Or was it?

Alone on that island

Sand and nothing

No food

Just rot

And their

Inheritance of hate

And blame



JS Rowan ‏@JFBattleBridge 


On the beach, in the tidal pools, she found coins, and driftwood, and once a broken oar. But never a name or diary to say who or why.


JS Rowan ‏@JFBattleBridge 


The dull old scissors were a keepsake from some ancestor or other. They reminded Talon the cord of life can be cut, anytime, anywhere.


JS Rowan @JFBattleBridge 


Oh happy inheritance! They had all they needed, forgotten by the big world.

But if any ever left home, they’d never find the way back.


Caitlin Keeton ‏@CaitlinKeeton 

Novels Treasured

& Notebooks full of


& Paper:

Reams of Dreams


Never Shredded

Never Shared


That’s it #FP


Ðãñî£L ‏@dakazi_26 

He looked at D plain scythe he’d inherited from his father&knew if he touched it he’d also inherit his bloodlust&appetite 4 soul-reaping #FP


Paul Baxter ‏@baxterpm 

The lawyer read the will and handed me the amulet I’d inherited. He said it came with baggage, but I didn’t see a single suitcase. #FP


Paul Baxter ‏@baxterpm 

I went to put the amulet on. The lawyer discouraged me. “Wait ’til you understand it.” But what was there to understand about an amulet? #FP


Paul Baxter ‏@baxterpm 

“What an elegant amulet! Where did you get it?”

It wasn’t the kind you could buy. You had to inherit it.

And it came with… baggage. #FP


Stephen Cleath ‏@GallifreyGamgee 

Eva stood slowly, and bemoaned the pitiful inheritance left to her. The village burned, the crops were ashes, and she was all alone #FP


God is Tricksy ‏@AdrianYoung10 



“We really must sort out the children’s inheritance”

“Or spend it!”

“On what dear?”


“Yes Please!”



Bobbi Bowman ‏@bobbibowwoman 

Sometimes I pause and reflect on my little growing ones. What inheritance do I have to pass on to them, but my heart.

-Goldfish diaries #FP


Bobbi Bowman ‏@bobbibowwoman 

Through circumstance

My DNA ended with me.

Through circumstance I was graced to pass on an inheritance of love, laughter, and joy.



Anna Secret Poet ‏@AnnaSecretPoet 

The things I will leave you (in no order);

My paranoia

My laughter

My tears

My concentration (or lack of)

My good intentions



Just-A-Nerdy-Girl ‏@justanerdygirl1 

“You know I don’t ferry the living. If you want her to cross, make her more dead.” “She’s immortal!”

“Not my problem.”

#FP #amwriting


Cedrix E. Clarke ‏@CedrixClarke 

Wilbur couldn’t stop smiling. His brother may have inherited their father’s millions, but he’d gotten the real treasure. All the books. #FP


AˢᵉᵉᵐSᵃˣᵉᶰᵃ ‏@RedNightHawkAKS 

After the accident, he got his parent’s house, car, and jewels. Most important—the reason he’d ordered the crash—he got his dad’s kidneys. #FP


NERDY GEEK ‏@eobonare 

Despite the splendor of nature’s wealth passed down by our fathers, we bequeath poverty, war and hunger as inheritance to our children. #FP


Lord Stabdagger! ‏@Lord_Stabdagger 

#FP She awoke caged, strapped and chained.

Mom! What you doing!

I’m sorry honey. You’re about to get your inheritance. Happy 13th birthday.


Belinda Burke ‏@BBurkeAuthor 

She was their human daughter, the daughter from before-the-curse. No inheritance for her. No prize.

That did not feel like a blessing.



Karina Lawrence ‏@KarinaLawrence 

I’m taking it all, she said, as he took a last breath. As the child of the devil, it’s my birthright. Hell recoiled, a new queen reigned #FP


Karina Lawrence ‏@KarinaLawrence 

I don’t want it, she cried, as they pushed the dirty gold necklace into her tiny hands. Shut up! Her mom chastised. Take all you can carry #FP


Jenn R-J ‏@jennfel 

Our parents depart

Bequeath us their afflictions

We cling to them, lost

#FP #haiku #vss


Susan ‏@SusanJoy10 

He eliminated them all. He`d never liked sharing. Now the inheritance would be all his. What a shock to find it left to charity. #FP


Becky Spence ‏@bex_spence 

Blue eyes, inherited from her father. Her mother saw it, saw him in her. A ghost she couldn’t shake. A mistake she had to live with #FP


You can call me V ‏@vspearson85 

Too poor to leave his grandchildren cash, the old man planted saplings so that great grandkids he’d never meet might build tree houses #fp


Nerd Cactus ‏@NerdCactus 

“I got the looks, my sister got the brains. And b/c the world is a messed up place, she is made to feel useless & I’m given everything.” #FP


Nerd Cactus ‏@NerdCactus 

“You.” Joel’s voice could give a person frostbite. “You caused all of this. All our suffering. A proper heir to your father’s failure.” #FP


Rêve-Ree ‏@ReeDwithaBee 

He sat, leaning against the cliff, grinning at expanse of his hard-won inheritance. Wind caressed his eyes, hollow in the white skull. #FP


Sif (Like Steve -t) ‏@MGSpaceHamster 

And I carry

Journeys I never travelled

The choice of my forefathers visible

In the olive hue of my skin

’tis my inheritance



the Hawk’s Dandelion ‏@HawksDandelion 

Ancient stumbling-blocks

Weather down

paving the way to new Horizons…



Elle Karma ‏@ellekarmawrites 

Aunt Margot’s cats were the main beneficiaries of the inheritance. Those four felines were now wealthier than half the Forbes list. #FP


Anachronist  @Anachronist3 


“That’s your inheritance.”

I looked at a pitiful, underfed furball meowing by my feet.

“The cat?”

My mother shrugged.

“Call it a tiger.”


Anachronist  ‏@Anachronist3 


The young dragon opened the cave and looked inside. A pile of old bones. A pile of broken scales. Some rags. Quite an inheritance.


Chie ‏@Chierafied 

“You are indeed still young, if you believe that blood is everything.” #FP


Kris. always Kris.. ‏@superkrispydj 

#fp For his lineage & empire, his legacy to leave the kingdom fit, he didn’t build the monuments. But his people did, for his eternal soul.


SarahMitchellJackson ‏@SMitchJack 

His inheritance: he thought not of the money, his parents’ last buffer against the world, but his mother’s eyes & father’s hair. #FP


Constant Gardener ‏@CnstantGardener 

The kids left for the city, none wanted the farm with the hard work and long days. Then they discovered oil. #fp


Stephen Clarkson ‏@Ste_Clarkson90 


“Rebecca, did grammy sign the papers yet?” I run my thumb over the sharpened axe and hiss as it bites. “Damn it, my chopping hand!”


Stephen Clarkson ‏@Ste_Clarkson90 


Soaked in angry tears I cast the paper aside. The words become her voice in my mind, “It’s all yours. I wish we’d forgiven each other.”


Elle Karma ‏@ellekarmawrites 

He could bide his time for his inheritance, but Karl wasn’t the patient type. A smirk appeared as he cradle the poison in his hand. #FP


Paul Jameson ‏@Modquokka 

We looked alike, she and me. Dark and something wrong; souls of shadow without colour, a madness of the mind and the gift of genes.



You can call me V ‏@vspearson85 

When Grandma told me the necklace made everyone fall in love with the wearer, I didn’t see it as a curse. I should never have tried it on. #fp


Thē Bret M.W.  ‏@Bretttmw_Words 

If by chance

I do a dance

Next to a grave of circumstance

Count your blessings boys and girls for I’ll take along your dirty inheritance



Susan Canary ‏@black_canary02 

Sadly for us


is not an


but a



Gained with


and scars



You can call me V ‏@vspearson85 

And the meek shall inherit the Earth,

He said

But He forgot to mention

That before they did

The domineering

Would have destroyed it



Rebecca Chase ‏@rebeccahchase 

His voice was cold but she felt for that little boy who lost his dad B4 his life barely got started. A lone tear slipped down her cheek #fp


Rebecca Chase ‏@rebeccahchase 

I knew 1 day I might have to face the slow debilitating illness I’d watched slaughter my dad. It was too much for a scared 11yr old boy #fp


Maryann Holloway ‏@Ma_Holloway 

Visiting mom, Dawn found her old room locked.

“Mom why is it locked?”

“That’s my lady cave. I spent your inheritance on the latest tech.”#FP


Tessa Kersten ‏@TniTessa 

#FP Her head rests on the soft cushion that is my thigh. She says to my reflection in the mirror ‘Mom, I want to be like you when I grow up’


Christopher Mentzer ‏@Chris_Mentzer 

The millionaire sat anxiously in the lawyer’s office for the reading of the will. To his horror, he inherited Uncle Olaf’s pig farm #FP


The City of Names ‏@TheCityofNames 

I have been given the memory of so many and far too much. Cities were razed in my names, their spoils and pieces now forming part of me. #FP


Erin Hayes ‏@ewhayes1 

“And what did I get from you, mommy?” Bright eyes, delicate grace and a scorpion sting that will bring them to their knees. #fp


Thomas Creamer ‏@TheTCreamer 

Truth lives in a nether realm where it serves humans only if they view it through the periphery. Absolute truth always destroys them. #FP


Christine Sutton ‏@Battwings95 

Our love was a brilliant shooting star amazing & short lived. From you I inherited forever memories & your ashes in a tarnished locket #FP


Azeez Ahmed ‏@AzeezAhmed 

A penchant for violence manifested and as she twisted the blade it seems Stockholm Syndrome wasn’t the only inheritance from her captor. #FP


Z ‏@Zedzeddicus 

No, he wasn’t killed for that measly inheritance. He was killed for murdering my father. I told him my name. #FP


D M Emerson ‏@WeAimToMisbehav 

I inherited little from my mother, other than her temper. Oh how she raged, a ferocious beast of booze and bad manners. I don’t miss her #fp


Kaye Steger ‏@utkaye 

Inheritance is bitter sweet. I’m thankful for what I received, but truth is, I would rather have him on this earth to enjoy it with him. #FP


Annie ‏@anniescribes 

silence at the

dining table

eyes glued

to tiny screens

instantaneous responses

pseudo friendships

is this our





Picture: Pixabay – CCO (Public domain)

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