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A Bee in my Bonnet


So … welcome back! Wow, I’m rocking the blogging thing after being away for so long, aren’t I? Whoo, go me …
But seriously, we’ve all gotta talk.
So, the world of #FP and #200WT has always been small but mighty, right? And we have the most amazing community of people who have been around from Day 1, who stuck it out with us through some pretty heavy times and we could not be more thankful for that.
But now, with the change in #Friday Phrases and #200WT and #MusaeMosaic and all the things that happens … we are really stretching ourselves thin here. And by we, I actually mean lil’ old me, @LoonyMoonyLara.
As you know, @AdeleSGray is battling a lot of health situations, and still being the warrior she is to get our family going in the world. And that is a huge mission, in itself, so the beautiful world we have online, it’s on me for now.
And I love that. I love being trusted with the confidence, with the friendship of so many people.
But concentrating so many efforts on so many places, it takes a toll. I end up sleeping very little at night, just worrying about the tweets I have to send, and things I’ll have to do … quality of life is very much lessened by worrying about being in so many places at once. And that’s exactly my problem.
Musae Mosaic is going to help with this problem a lot, in that #FridayPhrases and #200WT are going to be in the same place, and I don’t need to bounce between blogs so much.
A problem, however, still resides with the Twitters.
We cannot afford an automater, or one with a premium plan that best suits our purpose, so we cannot keep things going on four different Twitter accounts at the same time, if you follow me.
And we do all of our interacting there! All of it, we just go and we talk to people and were have an amazing time, right? It’s the magic behind #FP, it’s so wonderfully personal! 
I just don’t have enough hands, enough space in my head for so many things.
So that why we’re considering deleting the #200WT twitter account, as the blog is already defunct and making way for Musae Mosaic.
More than that, it seems strange to us to have a Twitter for #FP and not one for #200WT, when they will both still carry on as they’ve always done, but not on an independent website.
At the same time, %90 of our community is on @FridayPhrases and we can’t just start a new twitter to place our efforts … the time that takes …
So you see the dilemma, right?
Now there is a solution that I’m pretty sure I’m going to do and this long winded post is, in a way, just a little preparation for that.
I propose that we keep the #FridayPhrases twitter account for its exact purpose. Hosting #FP every week and interacting with the community. But amalgamating it with #200WT, #S4S, Musae Mosaic and everything else…
In fact, renaming the entire #FridayPhrases account, Musae Mosaic. To concentrate all efforts in one place rather than four, and getting absolutely nowhere at all …
Now I know that after all this time, it’ll be another weird adjustment … but let’s just keep inviting folks to everything they could possibly want in one place, yeah? Make a huge community and welcome all in with open arms. If I can make that happen, you have my vow that everything there will always, always be personally written by me. Every tweet, every favorite, every reply. Not another faceless bot behind a façade …
So what do you say?

The Name Has Come


And now, the time has come …
As today is the day that @LoonyMoonyLara, me, turns twenty one and yesterday was @AdeleSGray’s birthday too, we decided to make an event out of it, cos no, there was no space for cake today and that’s not great, but life goes on!
In the event of which, it was also time to release the news about our new magazine project!
The Friday Phrases and 200 Word Tuesday’s blogs go hand in hand. They belong together, how could we ever tear them apart, right?
At the same time, what could we do to give them the breath of life they so desperately needed?
The answer lay within a magazine that would forthwith spearhead all that was to come, all the good things in the future and now, all you awesome people, I have the great privilege of spilling the beans and telling you what we are calling it.
So, gather around!
For the amalgamated #FP and #200WT blogs now come together, to create new programs, new community events, and new opportunities … the phoenix rises from the ashes and the muse is reborn to the spirit of all we do.
For the name of the new project is
*lets that sink in for a sec*
And yes, the name of the magazine is Musae Mosaic! The ode to the Muses whom we all worship, and a great mosaic made of the arts to create the magic it is!
This is our offering to you.
This is the second chance for everything we have, that we will fight for and never let go.
This is a place of welcome, where words, passion and imagination exist in a realm that is limitless, in a place that exists only to please you.
And word of honor, we uphold that for hopefully time without end!
Let’s make art together!
Let’s make what we love a madness worth celebrating.
Happy April, and happy days!
Peace! x

The Very Best of A FORCE OF NATURE!


Hello, all you lovely peeps!
So. Tomorrow is kind of a huge day and it’s going to be hectic but that is the day that this five day hiatus begins. #FP is going to run normally, please don’t worry about that (I’m way too much of an addict to let it go) so send ‘em #FP’s thick and fast on Friday, cos’ I’ll be there for them!
I will not however, be replying to any emails regarding #ForTheLoveofLove until the 7th, when I come back.
Don’t worry, nothing bad is happening, we’re just going to go and change our lives a little.
Change can be good!
True to my word, the fundraiser has been deleted, and I want to thank you all a thousand times and a thousand times again for all you have done for us. Sometimes I have words, and sometimes I don’t that fully describe how grateful I am for the help you have given, for all the kindness we’ve been shown.
I will never forget it.
I promise you that.
The deadline for #ForTheLoveofLove has been extended until the 7th, when this hiatus is over and everything will resume again after that. This time away serves a bigger purpose in our lives, so it’s a necessary break.
There’s still time to send your words, guys. Still time to change my family’s lives, such as we have come to know it …
Anyway, this foreword cannot be too extensive as I am running out of time that I need to spend at home, with my family and get things ready for a new world ahead, so, as I like saying so much, onto the #FP’s!
The theme last week was A Force of Nature, which I admit, was inspired by you guys, a force of nature with your beautiful words and everything you do that blows me away … I mean, you’d think there’d be a pattern of familiarity by now, but every week, it’s like sitting down and down #FP again for the very first time.
The gift that keeps on giving!
And now, enough of my ramblings!
Please enjoy The Very Best of A Force Of Nature!

Jason VanHorn ‏@Dr_VanHorn
The girl was like the wind, everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
#FP #amwriting

Angie-Marie Delsante ‏@DelsanteWrites
Stricken w/ grief, anger, & jealously, she allowed her rage to consume
her becoming a dark force of nature not to be reckoned with.#FP

Every Writer ‏@QueryAnne 
When the ice begins to melt it shines, transformed. It has power, pulling
great slabs of frozen rivers apart until they flow again. #FP

Laurel Setton‏ @laurelsetton
As he gathered the other’s body in his arms, Wen raised his eyes
upwards, and the sky mourned with him. #FP

Lotta Craft ‏@lottacraft 
The professor was frowning. “You were supposed to create something
with the elements!” He shrugged “So? I’ve created the storms!” #FP

Karen ‏@KarenOhren 
the rusted fence
slowly paints
over the cracks.


Kaleb James ‏@kalebwrites 
Seven days awake
What will become
Of my shattered soul
I hold on to as jigsaw shards
Hoping some of them
Will still fit

Kaleb James ‏@kalebwrites 
Stars above, Sea below
We danced in the sand
Our minds intertwined
Leaving a ribbon
Of our shared lives
Hoping to see
One more sunrise

Jenni Anderson‏ @jenanderson731 
There was a strong energy among us fueled with anger & shortly after
the sun sank, the world shook beneath our feet. #FP

PlatinumRoseLady‏ @PlatinumRoseL
The orb in the thief’s hand began to pulse with light. It was a beating
heart, a force of nature, full of great and terrible power. #FP

Storm ☽✪☾ ‏@MadQueenStorm 
There is no force of nature more dangerous than a woman’s fury. And if
she commands the power of the elements… your world will burn. #FP

jfx mcloughlin‏ @jfxmcl 
I’m less worried about the environmental disaster as I am about Mother
Nature’s retaliatory response; our hubris will not go unpunished #FP

Mr Paul ‏@CnstantGardener
In my car this morning I had to turn off the air conditioning and put the
heater on. Mother Nature can’t make her mind up. #FP

R R Willica ‏@RRWillica 
Behind her eyes the hurricane flew but her placid smile contained the
storm. #FP

mo wan‏ @CrpseMotivation 
He is indomitable, incorrigible, boorish and undaunted. He storms
every room-a force of nature-and shines with his own self-importance.

DesertMoonPublishing ‏@MoonMarketingAZ 
Mel stared at the house, soaking in the scene of destruction. Books,
toys, plates, all jumbled.
“You know he’s only 2, right?”
#FP #FriDare

Nate Ragolia ‏@NateRagolia 
“I’m nothing to fear,” Death said to the old woman.
“You’re handsomer than I expected.”
“Nature prefers love.”
She nods. “I’m ready.” #FP

Shannon Reber‏ @ShannonArtWrite 
Blood drips like red rain from the sky. They cringe away. Darkness
rules the world. The force of nature has turned on us. God save us.

Bobbi Bowman‏ @bobbibowwoman 

A force of nature

Builds humans in her belly

And pushes them out into the world.


Elyse Salpeter‏ @elysesalpeter 
For years I had to play by the rules. You’re a girl, be quiet. But now I’m
grown, I’m free. A force of nature that can’t ever be stopped. #FP

J.D. Estrada ‏@JDEstradawriter 
Desire is an untamable force of nature that brings forth the type of fire
that rages for decades in the battlefield of us

J.D. Estrada ‏@JDEstradawriter
A true force of nature
Awaits within
If only you decide
To unleash the real you

Magic is Tricksy‏ @AdrianYoung10 
“The FP prompt ‘The Farce of Nature’ would have Shakespeare
spinning in his grave!”
“Ah. Gin?”


Tinfoil Fedora‏ @crowguye 
Yeah. Demons, having no body, crave physical sensation So, I take em
to dinner, drinks, dancing. It usually does the trick.

Megan Cutler‏ @Megan__Cutler 
A hurricane swirled inside his chest. Its lightning lit a fire in his blood
that threatened to boil his sanity away. #FP

Basil Fish‏ @HanfordGround0 
The earth trembled before heaven’s thunderous cries; hid from wild
flashes shattering the dark. There he defied God, so death might live

Amanda Kestrel‏ @AmandaKWrites 
When she entered a room everyone would stop & stare. Not because
she was stunning but because she often tripped & knocked things over.

Casey Donart‏ @casey_donart 
Love is the most powerful thing in the world. It’s just as likely to destroy
as it is to create #FP

G. S. Jennsen ‏@GSJennsen 
His boldness evinced a cocky certitude that the world would give him
what he needed from it, or he would take it by sheer force of will.

Joanna Maciejewska‏ @Melfka 
“Behold the force of nature!” the king shouted.
“A mechanical dragon can hardly be called a force of nature,” muttered
his advisor. #FP

Marie Malo‏ @MarieMalo6 
Fireflies sparkled under branches heavy with blooms that smelled of
youth. #FP

Carly Racklin‏ @willowylungs
It was much quieter than one would have guessed–to hear a tree tear
itself out of the ground.

J.L. Brown ‏@AuthorJLBrown
“Impressive nature manipulation, and so inconspicuous. I wouldn’t
have known you had a hand in it if I wasn’t so terribly clever.” #FP

Phoenix Grey ‏@phoenixgrey85 
#fp Wind, rain, tears, screams. Her rage rips the world apart. Pain and
fear and chaos and torture. Her screams rip the world apart.

Susan Fobes‏ @SusanFobes 
#FP Maybe his father would plant a tree come spring, another elf
custom. From death comes life. One’s ending is another’s beginning.

Kristen‏ @TheHemicane 
Grandma had knee surgery and is breathing fire at everyone. If you
smell smoke, run.

AJ Mullican ‏@AJMullican 
Harper pushed her body to its limits, retraining herself in the arts of
combat that had once been second nature. #fp

Christopher Mentzer ‏@Chris_Mentzer 
#FP It came through unexpectedly like a raging hurricane tearing the
area. Her mother sighed at the toddler’s temper tantrum.

Jenn R-J‏ @jennfel 
All of us
Forces of nature
Errant winds
Reckless oceans
Earthquakes for pulses
#FP #vss #poetry #mpy

Nerd Cactus ‏@NerdCactus 
A sky with no stars, rain from no clouds, breezes out of nowhere:
Leyton was a city where nature was meaningless. Hedy was in
Heaven. #FP

Nerd Cactus‏ @NerdCactus 
A spinning, churning maelstrom of identity slid through Lucky’s
fingers like silk, burning with rapturous pleasure. He was home. #FP

Briana Bryon‏ @briana_bryon 
#FP I really enjoy the nature, as the view from a good hotel.

Rêve-Ree‏ @ReeDwithaBee 
Dressed in a cloak of woven silver web alive with sparkling spiders, she
walked out of the dawn light and into the gathering storm. #FP

Caitlin Keeton‏ @CaitlinKeeton 
It Picks Up
It Pulls Down
It Roars Round

And yet
All the time

The Wind Invincible…
The Force of Nature
Wins #FP

Mollie ‏@readheadreader
Miles away & oceans apart, we are drawn together
Tethered by an unseen connection which cannot be denied
Our feelings a force of nature

Denise Walker ‏@DeniseWalker_ 
She is the one who forces nature.
The wind bows to her gale
and the leaves fall from her every whisper.

Stephen Clarkson‏ @Ste_Clarkson90
Our mutual respect was earned in blood, sweat and fathoms-deep
bodies. She grants me no pardon. I raise my bottle and welcome her

Lexi Lefevre‏ @LexiIsAWriter 
I think she truly believes she’s broken, but she’s not. I can mend her
with my heart & soul if she’ll let me. We’re a force of nature. #FP

chris papps‏ @chrispapps2 
#FP The heavy mist blanketed the tiny settlement as it clung to the icy seas
edge, here nature was the universe a force of daily reckoning

You can call me V‏ @vspearson85
Their love was a force of nature
Engulfing, like a tidal wave
With the passion of a storm
And the warmth of afternoon sun after rainfall #fp

Al Nobody‏ @Nobodyetall 
Storm the world,
like a hurricane,
twist & turn,
like a tornado,
don’t be deterred,
let nothing stop you,
you can be a force of nature.

Bobbi Bowman‏ @bobbibowwoman
Just let anything happen to my babies and they will know me as a force
of nature.
-Goldfish diaries #FP

Emma Cox‏ @scyian 
The elements throw everything against you. Your life is in the hands of
the Gods and all you can do is hope you come out the other side. #FP

Alicia‏ @demiurgent_G 
Take your time. I’m not a forceful nature, you must come to me by
choice. I will lurk here, luring, teasing & hoping, until you choose. #fp

Alicia ‏@demiurgent_G 
The full force of nature wants new life to complete this circle and so I
dream of you and your embrace. #fp

Aneesha Shewani‏ @tweetoeuvre 
Morning buds unfold to
The kiss of dew drops
Poised for beauty, in symmetry
Momentary yet complete
In the force of nature’s equilibrium

chris papps ‏@chrispapps2 
They lay silently in the dry dusty river bed as their custom dictated, to
offer the River God their lives in exchange for living water.

Aneesha Shewani‏ @tweetoeuvre
Quiet murmur of butterflies
On a warm summer day
Revealing miracles
Of the force of nature
By the stream I lay
Musing life’s mysteries

Chris Mahan‏ @chris_mahan 

Though his youth was sickly
His years in the wild made him tough
Now he lives in the city
Wears a suit
Drives a beamer
Has a big office

Becky Spence‏ @bex_spence 
Shut down. Reboot. A silence in the darkness. Fumble. Search. Find
again. Discover your life without technology. Dream to survive. #fp

Dante & The Lobster ‏@Marcgalez 
She was like a purring pearl to my eyes, scraping the bark of
tomorrow’s validity. The season that weathered roots into

AˢᵉᵉᵐSᵃˣᵉᶰᵃ‏  @RedNightHawkAKS 
“You’re just a child.”
His father had always said it with derision, his mother, with grace and
nurturing love. #FP

Rêve-Ree‏ @ReeDwithaBee 
She told us she was the Goddess of the Dunes. Her whole body was of
shifting colours of sand, & she left footprints of sand behind her. #FP

B.F. McBride‏ @DriedInkRibbon 
The enraged troll crashed through the tree line. Nature’s revenge upon
the frail men who dared to chop away at the ancient forest.

Djinn and Tonic ‏@walesboy1972 
Gaia strode across the earth, her verdant radiance shining like a star.
It’s touch healing humanity’s damage with the force of nature. #fp

Cedrix E. Clarke‏ @CedrixClarke 
“You! You feckless, incongruous, monosyllabic idiom! You! You! You
inchoate, amorphous, inexplicable ambiguity! You!” #FP

Carol‏ @CarolDrummond4 
Spring fire sizzles
As sassy Ms Blossom
Dons her coral coat
Announcing she’s ready
To come out and play

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