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The Very Best of WHAT DO YOU HEAR?


Another week where I go what a week!
I don’t even know what’s happening. Behind the scenes, us GRAY’s are kinda living in a lovely swirl of utter chaos, racing to digest what need be digested (mentally of course) and … it feels like we’re getting there but my mind is exhausted, so it may also just be a dream.
I shall nothing now except that life is weird.
Ridiculously, freakishly weird and my mere mortal state of being, I am just no match to keep up with it anymore.
I realize that in the recent weeks life with our online world has somewhat failed to run as it used to do, and that has, in turn, inspired quite a few changes with the coming weeks.
All good, all good, but just … fast, you know, as if the weightiest decisions to be made in life were now made in a matter of days and I don’t know what to think. Perhaps this is what personal evolution feels like.
Freakin’ weird.
Anyway, with the amount of things about to change in the way we run 200 Word Tuesdays and #FP on the blogs, it is leaving very little time to get things up and running and still keep our family going, emotionally, financially, and all that.
So while you should expect more details on these changes in the very near future, be at ease.
It feels good, this kind of change. And it happens in many ways, not just online.
That said, with all that is ahead, we are still pretty damn penniless and after several lost opportunities and mishaps, I have stepped back from the job I did for my mom while she cannot, and so … our financial life grinds to a complete, staggering halt and it’s not hard to see what effect this is having on my family …
I know I have asked this so many times.
I know that I have no right to ask this again. I put it off for days and days, because of that sweet, burning guilt that invades my mind after I have, and I shouldn’t have … but here are the last days of the month.
And the last days that I will have to ask for your help with the fundraiser.
The last days that I will have to make calls for your #ForTheLoveofLove submissions.
I will be virtually out of range for five days, from the 2nd to the 7th, and in that time, I will only have enough mobile data to do #FP on the day of the 3rd. Now don’t worry, my distance is bringing a good change in our lives and hopefully the lives of many others in future days, but the torch will fade for only a while, and I need to make up for lost time.
So on my very last appeal, and I swear this is it, on the 28th, it’s all over …
Please spread this message, please tell people you know who have a story like this to tell … please tell them about #ForTheLoveofLove. Please invite them to write, because every word that we get saves my family’s future together.
Two weeks ago, I was afraid to fall asleep because I thought we’d lose my mom in the night, and I would not know.
Two weeks later, a fragile hope has replaced some of the despair, but dispelled none of the worry, the need to find a way out of this for us all. For my mother in particular …
So, wherever you can help us, with whatever you can share, words, pennies, kitten pics, it is deeply appreciated. It fills our little world with enough hope that we just may walk out of this in one piece. All of us together.
And we need that more than I could ever tell you.
So in the next few days, don’t forget about us. Don’t forget about #ForTheLoveofLove.
Don’t forget that no matter what, every hour that we sit here, we are working on ways that we can spend a lifetime doing what we love, and that is all that we have here with you guys, and so much more.
So now that I have rambled enough, and I’m looking at all the #kittenheist pics and gifs I’ve been sent to calm me down, onto the #FP’s!
Last week was a special week for #FP. Last week we all came together and sent a very great many of the most beautiful and amazing #FP’s read aloud to @AdeleSGray, who missed Friday Phrases more than anything and could not read them.
So came the #FPAudioChallenge, with the theme What Do You Hear, inspired by the amazing @ReeDwithaBee.
I have, time and again, amazed by the outpouring of love and support from our community, but not even I am sure who sobbed the most that day, me or my mom.
I want to thank everyone who sent their words and voices our way. You guys are the reason we’re still going strong, and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for that …
And so, while the audio #FP’s could not be embedded cos I don’t know how, here for you is the Very Best Of What Do You Hear!


Lettuce is Tricksy ‏@AdrianYoung10
Love is the loudest emotion.






Carol ‏@CarolDrummond4
In silent night
She whispers
Words of love
Of longing
Of missing
She knows he cannot hear
But no other words
Have meaning

Dante & The Lobster ‏@Marcgalez
A benign flutter crystallized majestic. “Calm the heart, in spite of it’s purpose.” Syllables of yesterday; lamentations of our songs. #FP

Djinn and Tonic ‏@walesboy1972
When you weep, I am next to you with kind words. When you laugh, I cannot but help laugh too. Yet I died so long ago, what do you hear? #fp
SarahJane ‏@SarahJelCook
The raindrops spoke to him as he walked. Voices of the world fading and un needed. Lost within himself he only heard what he wanted now #fp

Emma Cox ‏@scyian
Ahead he could hear the rhythmic beat of the enemies blades upon their shields. Men’s raised voices accompanied the quickening tempo. #FP

Al Nobody ‏@Nobodyetall
Waves crash,
buildings fall,
tremors of a quake,
last beat of a man.
I hear everything,
curse of a saviour,
with very little to save.

Aneesha Shewani ‏@tweetoeuvre
I am soothing my fears
With the warmth of tears
My vulnerability frightens me
I can hear my caged soul
Clamoring to break free

Aneesha Shewani ‏@tweetoeuvre
This place is a prison
Of my captured soul
I am stranded behind bars
Waiting to hear the click
Of Death’s key
In the lock
To set me free
chris papps ‏@chrispapps2
The cicadas and the trees rustling , she heard the slow strumming of a blues guitar and a heartfelt blues lament over the dusty road.

Fitness B ‏@Beatonm5
“what do you hear?”
“I hear nothing, no footsteps, no squealing, nothing.. but I smell something, dead rodents”

Anna Secret Poet ‏@AnnaSecretPoet
I overheard a man say
that fried eggs are dead
no stranger pronouncement
in a pub was said
#FP #truestory

chris papps ‏@chrispapps2
A horses harness shakes,
And the skids cut through,
The massive cold sky.
He heard the old man humming a familiar folk tune.

Fitness B ‏@Beatonm5
listen, do you hear that,
the sound of time passing by,
tick tock tick tock tick tock
that’s the watch counting down

Sophie Alice Acton ‏@prosateuse
What do you hear?
When you stand alone on the endless ice, is it the stars that whisper, or those who fell behind?
What do you fear?
Sophie Alice Acton ‏@prosateuse
Wind chimes sing in the summer breeze
There are too few days like these
Flowers, books, and a soul at ease.

Aneesha Shewani ‏@tweetoeuvre
I pay my respects to the
Last of my dying thoughts
Today I decide not to
Listen to my mind
But live in tune with
My illogical heart

Maryann Holloway ‏@Ma_Holloway
When the orchestra began to play, her fears were confirmed. Her son showed no reaction to the music. She cried, “Billy what do you hear?”#FP

AC Smith ‏@author_ASmith
She twirled the charred end of a stick on a rock, lost in thought, when she heard the snort of a horse. It didn’t come from the mules. #fp

Stephen Clarkson ‏@Ste_Clarkson90
The fabric on my shoulder rustles, withers and crumbles away. A dry, raspy, terrifying whisper washes over me. Envelops me. “It’s time.”

Mark Farley ‏@mumbletoes
The roses were red
Now they are black
They fell under a train
and are squashed on the track
#FriDare #fp #FictFri #valentinesday2017

Mark Farley ‏@mumbletoes
Roses are tasty
Violets are too
Come find the nectar
I’ll do you a weird dance
– bees, probably
#FriDare #fp #FictFri

Sea Words ‏@A_Sea_of_Words
What do you hear
When the night is
Fell silent
Does your dark
Scream it’s fear
Or is your soul
Peace & quiet?

Bret M.W ‏@Bretmw_Author
It was around my corner, a baby rattle compared to others, and only the sensitive ears of Richter heard the cry in the night.
#FP #earthquake

Nadja Van der Stroom ‏@NadjaMagdalena
The door opened with a bit of wrenching, and he stepped into the deafening space between the cars. #fp #WIP

Bret M.W ‏@Bretmw_Author
Hours of scratching, and skrtch, schw-schw, whff, swwff again and again. Colors from head to chest. My pencil tips reveal your beauty.

Mark Farley ‏@mumbletoes
I’m sorry I thought a dildo bouquet was an appropriate #ValentinesDay gift.

And I’m sorry I sent it to your office.
#FriDare #fp #Fictfri

Nerd Cactus ‏@NerdCactus
There’s so much music. There’s so much noise & beauty & ugliness & chaos.

I am terrified to lose it. I am terrified of silence. #FP
Nerd Cactus ‏@NerdCactus
“Samhain?” The word felt strange on Philo’s tongue, but he said it reverentially, tasting the sound. “I have never heard of it.” #FP

Elle Karma ‏@ellekarmawrites
I drew in a breath and held it as his fingers brushed across my arm. The only audible sound the thrushing of blood in my veins.#FP

Alanna Rusnak ‏@alannarusnak
The strange silence she’d woken to had been replaced by the sounds of a world coming back to life. #FP #tpttuh

Luccia Gray ‏@LucciaGray
#FP I listen to your heart and hear your feelings, flowing like a spring stream, uplifting my sleepy soul.

Luccia Gray ‏@LucciaGray
#FP I hear my mother cry, while my sister weeps in silence by my grave, bur why can’t they hear me blowing kisses?

Bonnie Swanson ‏@BB_Swann
When a hot chick renders you immobile by freezing you with her laughter and tells you to listen, I knew the drill. I listened. Intently. #FP

E.C. Farrell ‏@celiselott
“But some of us who’d been forcibly turned, well, they disappeared. We used to hear screaming…” #FP

Rosella Altman ‏@zelliej1
I certainly made people curious. Anyone who ever heard me speak was full of questions. #FP
Jason VanHorn ‏@Dr_VanHorn
He felt sick again and heard water slosh around in his stomach as he moved uncomfortably in his chair. #fp #amwriting
J.L. Brown ‏@AuthorJLBrown
“So you were the elephant I heard, traipsing through the house,” she reprimanded me, cloaked in her deceptively wholesome facade. #FP
Joshua Haveman ‏@JDHaveman
The breeze brushed through the pine, whispering “hush” to her and I – caring not where we entwined, underneath the stars. #FP #FictFri

Joshua Haveman ‏@JDHaveman
Behind her she heard a quick “weet weet weet,” and could only assume someone was squeezing a guinea pig – or wearing corduroys. #FP
Tinfoil Fedora ‏@crowguye
“Dude, you’re not Coyote. You’re a lonely, skirt chasing, selfish middle-aged prick named Larry.”
“Hey,” He said. “I’m not middle-aged!”

Kevin Hyena ‏@JSHyena
From that decrepit house, I heard it playing. The song that my sister had wrote. It was comforting, yet tormenting all the same. #FP

Rêve-Ree ‏@ReeDwithaBee
Under trees green as traffic lights, the crowd chanted slogans in red words. Above, cockatoos cut thru the world, screeching in fury. #FP
Mark Farley ‏@mumbletoes
Tom believed Ava when she said she didn’t want anything for #ValentinesDay. Luckily, Tom doesn’t really mind the couch
#FriDare #fp #FictFri
The Minivan & I ‏@stone4031
Instead I hear you with my eyes, guessing.
You speak without words. A look, a touch,
your movements, your stillness tell a story.
Tinfoil Fedora ‏@crowguye
You’re ordained??
Yeah, I was drunk one night and thought it would be fun
Is it?
No, mostly it sucks, but the exorcisms are interesting.
Simon ‏@SimonSalento
I hear your heartbeat
echoing echoing
overlapping mine.
I hear your heartbeat.
Stephen 🐺 ‏@GallifreyGamgee
The winter winds howled through the trees, and a sinister sound was heard by my huskies and myself. Being part-wolf has its advantages. #FP
Casey Donart ‏@casey_donart
“You didn’t hear that?”
“Hear what?”
“The voices. They were so loud”
“Izzy, there weren’t any voices” #FP

EJ Fisch ‏@EJFisch
She was yelling something, screaming even, but he found he couldn’t hear anything over the ringing in his ears. #FP

T. A. Hernandez ‏@ta_hernandez5
Jared glanced around for eavesdroppers. There was no one close enough to hear them, but he lowered his voice anyway. #FP

T. A. Hernandez ‏@ta_hernandez5
“I just ran. I’m not proud of it.”
There was more to it than he was saying; she could hear the weight of it in his voice. #FP

Casey Donart ‏@casey_
All that’s left
are the words
I didn’t
#FP #poetry #poem
Allie Potts ‏@alliepottswrite
Tap. I stare at the screen. Tap. The letter ceases to be. Tap. Pause. Tap. Nah, that’s not it either. Tap – the pulse of writer’s block #FP

Jason VanHorn ‏@Dr_VanHorn
“Access granted,” the speaker said. Al heard a soft buzzing sound and the click of the door. He opened it and went into the safe house. #fp

Hannah Powley ‏@Hannah_Monster
I hear you in the rustle of the leaves, the trickling of the stream & cheerful song of woodland birds. I hear you my love… I hear you #FP

J. Wayne Williams ‏@jwwfantasywrite
Silence never visits me anymore. For when night falls, and all is quiet, and the lights go out, I’m assaulted by the voices in my head. #FP
Tinfoil Fedora ‏@crowguye
He may be built of steel and leather, but he’s held together by glass.

Lexi Lefevre ‏@LexiIsAWriter
His soft breath serenades me in the night’s silence. Every inhale is a whisper of tomorrow. Each exhale, a caress of promised dreams. #FP

PlatinumRoseLady ‏@PlatinumRoseL
Zarah saw the sword resting on the bloody altar. She heard the blade singing, an anthem of battle mixed with the cries of the dead. #FP

Lord Stabdagger! ‏@Lord_Stabdagger
#FP A gentle breeze, rain on the window, an owl hoots, a dog barks as a car goes by and the couple next door having sex. Silent night? No.

specimen #17 ‏@EclecticallySo
Does the wind, itself, have sound?
We hear what it moves with it’s spirit.
We hear what it prompts the choir of nature to sing. #FP

Karen ‏@KarenOhren
I hear
the subtle nuances
of night
all the quiet
the lost
and the unseen
softly breathing
a lullaby
of dreams.

Angie Grigaliunas ‏@Angie_ZeWriter
Cracks of leather against flesh split the near-quiet, not quite in time with each other. Stifled moans echoed in my ears. #FP #dystopian #YA

Angie Grigaliunas ‏@Angie_ZeWriter
Screams resound down every street, dissolving under the soldiers’ shouts to each other. Above, the sky remains silent. #FP #fantasy #writing

Emily Nelson ‏@amphetasoul
I am sick of your fake love, you are like whores on Sunday church. ~en.

Stephen 🐺 ‏@GallifreyGamgee
“How did you hear that horde of hellbeasts?”
“For one thing, I wasn’t the one lost in the fiery eyes of a succubus paramour!” I hissed.

Jenni Anderson ‏@jenanderson731
Frightened & angry, she screamed into the still air. Never had she done anything so foolish while on her travels. #SciFiFri #FP

Christine Holden ‏@chris_holden1
The hoot of an owl
or maybe the growl
of a disgruntled dog
lying in rustled leaves.
A distant hum
of the last dance
What do you hear?

DimpleVerse ‏@Dimpleverse
In a World
Of uncertainty
In a time
Of pale humanity
We find solace
Between pages..
#FP #whisperingneds #SenseWrds #BentHalos #vss @rube44

💌wん♡, ᄊ乇? 💟 ‏@Lilsweetnspice
Reflections of
a tender refrain
sympathetic words
soothe me
he can
A bevy of laughter
a stern reprimand
If I could hear
my daddy again

Emily Ansell ‏@LateNiteScholar
I heard the soft hiss of blades drawn from scabbards, and knew they were close. I stretched out with my magic, ready to spring. #FP

Kaye Steger ‏@utkaye
When your son tells you about his day, or your daughter wants to sing a song, do you listen? When your children speak what do you hear? #FP

On blog, eBook & life stuff. And love. Lotsa love.



The time has come for a blog post of general updates.
This one has been a long time a-coming, unfortunately.
So …
Ahem …
Shall we proceed in a pretentiously ostentatious manner?
Yes? Oh, splendid!

Due to the ever decreasing South African currency, our finances, both personally and for business, have been suffering more than we can keep up with. As financially dire as it was for our whole beleaguered country before, you don’t even want to imagine it now. El Nino has also struck with a vengeance and we are in the middle of a long and awful drought. Things are not going well. Frankly, you cannot afford to be poor in South Africa – or anywhere in Africa, for that matter.

We have always wanted to own our blog/domain, make some sort of income from it because, hell, we have to find an income somewhere! Unfortunately, because of the above mentioned situation, we really just cannot afford the upkeep of the blog.
We were struggling before, but now with our currency so weak, the prices of everything done internationally (like hosting) will cost us precious pennies, limbs, kidneys and souls, and we just can’t do it anymore.

Thus we’ve had to make certain decisions and one was letting go of the blog. Our hosting will expire on Sunday, 21 February, and though we’ve had a sweet offer to host the blog temporarily on someone else’s site, we would really like to do it right from the start. Until such time, the blog will unfortunately go into an indeterminate slumber. Yes, it’s breaking our hearts because we had (still have) such amazing plans. We’ve alluded to some of them in our ill-fated crowd funding campaign late last year, but even there we ran into grumbles and mumbles and the odd DM troll.

Sometimes, it seems our ambitions may be great, but the obstacles are greater. We are working hard to make a better life for ourselves, while also bringing the best we have to the #FP table. But with life issues, health issues, crappy day job issues, and financial issues (ours and our country’s), it’s like we’re constantly swimming against the current and we long for a day where every stroke we take, every effort we make takes us the intended distance.

We would love to have the blog up and running as soon as possible because it is part of Friday Phrases and part everything we do, and we will do what we can to make sure we give #FP the future it deserves. We’re still working to do great things, even if it means becoming nocturnal and then working our daytime hours, too.

During the time the blog will be closed, the #FP game on Twitter will continue as always, nothing there will change and 200WordTuesdays will also run as usual.
We extend our warm, fuzzy invitations to anyone who has a 200 word story in their heart and souls! Why not turn those midnight snack cravings and caffeine addiction into something special. February’s themes are LABYRINTH and NEVER AGAIN.
If you need more details, it’s all in the link.

On the matter of the #FP eBook …
Yes, it is still happening, and no, we have not forgotten about it.
But with things being as they are and life dealing us a heavy hand at the moment, we need to take our time with the eBook, as we are also just trying to claw on to the little clarity we have at this point.
We know it’s frustrating and our delays are far from ideal, but we’re just asking for some time. We are reading through all your submissions, and doing everything we can to present you with a top product.

While certain changes will indeed, in due time, be coming to the #FP world, the game, the fun, the glory, nothing will be changing on that front. It’s just that our dreams go too fast for our fingers and we want to do so much, but everything goes by step by painstaking step, with some punches and knockouts thrown in for good measure. In the end, all we’re trying to do is give our little micro-fiction world the future it deserves.

In that regard, we hope whatever delays we have will not put you right off us and we hope you’ll be here when the new blog is up, just like you are now! Whenever people, whose #FPs we’ve come to love, whose sweet interactions we’ve come to crave, do not write for a week or two, we always wonder. Are they finally fed up with us? Are they healthy? Are they happy? Are the muses still with them? Yes, we worry about you all. Guess who don’t sleep much at night. 🙂

In the meantime, we love you guys and thank you so much for all your friendship, encouragement and support.
Have a wonderful week!

Lara and Adele

Framing Fridays eBook update



Fridays are crazy days in the GRAY girls’ house. Throw a bunch of hearts and stars into the mix and it’s like a roller coaster ride during a pyrotechnics show – all rockets and sparklers and pinwheels and …ahhh, who am I kidding? It’s endless hours, staring at a laptop, empty coffee cups vying for space with careless elbows and huge cream cakes.
Okay, so no cake. *sulking pathetically* Never!
Yeah. We know.
It’s a travesty.
Buuut we’ll live. Maybe.
Anyway, on to bigger things!
Some of you have been asking about the Framing Fridays eBook, so we’ve decided to give a short update on its progress.
The eBook is happening quietly in the background, in stolen hours between time spent doing #FP stuff, writing our own books, and, you have guessed right … THE DAY JOB. Oh yeah, and stressing over money, diets (see cake deprivation above), and that rugged hormone on paws that serenaded our lady cat last night.
We’ve had many, many submissions for the eBook. Those submissions have to go through three co-editors before we can make the final selection. These things take time because, like us, our co-editors are also part timing the eBook, while full timing Life.
As soon as we’ve decided, a standard letter of acceptance or rejection will be sent to each person who has made a submission. Expect that to happen from about mid November to mid December. In the meantime, we are working on the design of the eBook, deciding on templates, selecting pictures, and figuring out formatting.
There is still a lot to do before we can announce a launch date because we want to make sure we present you, our contributors and dear most #FP friends with a professional product.
Imagine if you will, a huge publishing house with full time staff, still taking months and months to prepare a book for publication. Now, imagine, a handful of GRAY girls, trying to do the same. Please know, that what we may lack in resources, time, and technical skill, we make up abundantly in passion and creative vision.
Our plans for @FridayPhrases are ambitious and exciting, but admittedly, very daunting and time consuming. Making ends meet in the “real world” (pfft!) is also a priority, because we want to give our all to #FP without being too constricted by pressures closer to home.
@FridayPhrases, to us, is a destiny. One we’re determined to fulfill and go any distance to do it.
And so, a release date is still unknown at this point. We are aiming for early next year. We won’t present a sub-standard product and that’s why the weeks, days and hours that go into obsessing over this eBook are, in the end, worth it. We will continue to give occasional updates over the next few weeks as this process develops and we hope your patience will be pleasantly rewarded.
Thank you all for your support and for trusting us with your precious words.

This is Adele and Lara, over and out.

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