For a long time we’ve kept the #FPeBook title a secret. Just a small one. And Friday 17th, we finally revealed to be Framing Friday’s! (Isn’t it just lovely?)
But that wasn’t all!
We are in the process of designing our very own Friday Phrases YouTube channel and in the very first trailer, we’d like to feature your What-I-Love-About #FP anecdotes in it.
Along with five others who participate in the competition, just five others, your tweet could be selected to feature in the trailer, for the first time ever!

The rules are very simple:

To participate, simply tweet what you love about Friday Phrases with the #All4FP hashtag from RIGHT NOW to Thursday 23rd.

You may tweet more than once.

Please don’t tag @FridayPhrases in your tweet, as that loses you much needed characters.

That’s about it! Tweet away! We scan the #All4FP feed every hour, and do some decision making!
The five winners will be announced on Friday 24th.

Good luck and happy tweetin’!