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S4S – Stories for Sundays by @Zedzeddicus



Z. @Zedzeddicus

I am


Desolate December wrought.

Waiting for awakening.

Near death graveyard sleeping.


Under starlight & blood moons.#FP



Lost in mists.

Seeking for transition

From Purgatory to Paradise.

Or Purgatory to Hell.


Beyond this blinding fog.#FP


Are you there,

I call.

Feeling them in the air.

I know they’re here.


Like me,

Are filled with fear.

Afraid but still reaching.#FP


Help me,

They cry.

Seeking light I cannot give.

I feel the weight of their chains.

I hear their suffering;

Their pain.

And I am helpless #FP


In between the static & scream,

They speak.

Weak voiced & ill.

Enter in this communion,

That I may give you peace,

& I be not alone. #FP




The Investigator

Z. @Zedzeddicus

He played the recording over & over again. “We need help.” It was only a whisper, but clear. It was then he started believing in ghosts. #FP


3:33 a.m., the witching hour.The time when the veil between this life & the next thinned like paper. He lit a candle & set up his tools #FP


He turned on his recorder. “Spirit, I heard your cry for help. What can I do?” He stood in silence thinking himself crazy. #FP


He played back the recording. A whisper came through the recorder, “Find me. Mommy doesn’t know. She’s scared.” #FP


His heart pounded in his chest. The air felt oppressive & full of fear. Again he flipped on his recorder, “who are you? Where are you?” #FP


Through the hiss of white noise in static, the little girl’s voice whispered again through his recorder. “I’m scared. Help me.” #FP


Working tirelessly through the early hours of the morning, he used his recorder, but no more replies came through. #FP


He gathered his things & returned to his car. The windows were fogged against the cold; a squeaking on the windshield broke his thoughts #FP


He watched in horror as an invisible hand wrote in the moisture clouding his windshield, L-E-A-V-E H-E-R-E! #FP

The engine roared to life; tires kicked gravel into the air as he peeled back onto the road, speeding towards his apartment. #FP




The Last Day of Man

Z. @Zedzeddicus

The sky fell in a grand rain of fire. Giggling madly, arms out stretched & waiting, he ushered in the Old Gods & man’s extinction. #FP


She watched in horror the fabric of reality fray & rend, tearing itself apart.


“The Old Ones? God! What have you done?”




“Justice? Justice!? You’ll die, too! What now?”


“Leap into the abyss.” #FP


“Can we stop it?”

“Can you turn back time?”

“So this is it, then?”


“What about happy endings?”

“Fairy tales & massage parlors.”#FP


“I’m scared.”

“Don’t be, love. We go together.”

“Thank you…for all the good you gave me.”

“You were all my good, my love.” #FP


Hand in hand, dressed in their finest. Sixty years of marriage. A life of love without regret.Boldly the stood before death.#FP


The earth shook opening terrible rifts.


Through tears he whispered, “I wish I’d forgiven him sooner. Told him I still love him.”#FP


“Are you lighting a cigar?”

“Yeah.Cuban Cohiba.”

“How can you smoke at a time like this?”

“The world’s ending. Name a better time.”#FP


She sat alone in the sand watching the crashing waves. If the world was to end, she’d spend her last moments where life once made sense. #FP


“They promised a rapture. Salvation for the good. Hell for the wicked. All the things I could’ve done. What a waste.” #FP


He fussed with his beard before loading the final ammo box in his underground shelter not knowing, in the end, no place would be spared. #FP


Shots rang out. Fires burned across the city over a chorus of screams. Even facing the end, Man would not put an end to his vulgarity. #FP


“Hey mom?You there? I just called to say I’m sorry. For everything. I love you. I hope you get this message before it’s too late.” #FP


“What are you thinking about?”



“Yeah. I wish I’d gone.”

“I always imagined the end like this. Full of regret.” #FP


“Mom, why is the sky falling?”

“I don’t know, hon. I don’t know.”

“Will we be okay?”

“Shh, my love. Just close your eyes.”

“I love you” #FP


This apocalyptic string of #FP tweets has been incubating in my head for some time. Thanks for letting me share it with you!


Pictures: Pixabay – CCO (Public Domain)

S4S – Silent storm



Sometimes a #FP theme really speaks to the @FridayPhrases community in a very special way. This weeks’s SILENT STORM theme was one such. Though brilliance is always in abundance every week, it is extra special when we see our community’s members engaging in mutual support and encouragement. Yes, we retweet and like the #FP’s we love, but to get that personal little message from an appreciative reader means so much to just about everyone I know. It creates camaraderie, adds a sense of belonging to a caring community, and gives meaning to the simple pleasure of a few well chosen words.

And then sometimes, awesomeness strikes, and that personal message becomes an inspiration in itself, leading to beautiful friendships and, in this case, wordplay to enchant the senses. Two of our stalwart players, @chris_mahan and @TrishannaP gave us this poetic gem last Friday. Enjoy!


Trishanna ‏@TrishannaP  

A storm brews in her head

Calming voices whisper

“You are his, let him take you,”

But silence is her reply to

The chaos within her



Chris Mahan ‏@chris_mahan  

The waves of the sea

Normally tranquil

Now reflect her mood

Crash on the jetty

In thunderous roar

Under the grey sky


Trishanna ‏@TrishannaP  

Fear of the passion

That swirls in her mind

Like whirlpools of

Romance & love

She sits on the shore

His lifesaver in sight #FP


Chris Mahan ‏@chris_mahan  

Perhaps he will drown

Alone in rough sea

She should rescue him.

He’ll owe her his life.


Trishanna ‏@TrishannaP  

She wishes to swim

Out to rough waters

But she has risked her

Life & love before

To only get salt in

Her wounded heart



Chris Mahan ‏@chris_mahan 

Will she not once more

Face the silent storm?

Must she give it up

For fear of more hurt?


Trishanna ‏@TrishannaP  

Without thinking

She swims already

Going against the current

For a storm no matter how scary

Will not keep love silent



Chris Mahan ‏@chris_mahan    

On the shore

The crowd cheers

For they know Love exists



S4S – Merriment, Chaos & Unmerciful Sky


Collected chain story #FPs by Chris Mahan


*Shakespearian voice*

Squires in merriment felled by a mead army.
We’re being attacked from the cellar!
Bring reinforcements, quick!

My King! An invasion force storms the castle as I speak!
Not so loud! I am feebled by last night’s merriments already!

The castle wall is breached my Lord, they have brought the merriment to bear upon its stones!
How dare they attack with the merriments?

The palace guards do their best, my Lord, but our foe is taking them down with songs and merriments!
Cancel all celebrations!

My Lord you are not safe, I hear them in the corridor!
My armor, and sword, I’ll not go without a fight!
Hark! They’re here!

Open in there! Or we’ll break down this door! Ha ha ha! You cannot resist the dancing wenches and sweet merriments!

My Lord, what are you doing? Do not give up! Put on your armor!
Alas, my friend, one cannot fights such merriment. One must give in.

My Lord! If you open that door, we are doomed, and won’t be dour anymore!
It is our fate, the merriments have won. We are defeated.

Act II, Scene III, the main hall.

Ah, merriments all around, surrounded by delights, encompassed all about by mirth and revelers!
I was a fool to fight against such merriments. No victory exists against their cheerful sort!
My Lord, what’s this? You smiled?


I looked at her body
From across the crowd
What’s your name I said
Chaos, you?
Chris. Scary name.
You have no idea
She smiled wickedly.

After an interesting night
Chaos and I woke up
In each other’s arms
She had lied
She was the sweetest girl.

When I married Chaos
All went as planned
Families were delighted
Friends were elated
And that’s when it started…

Chaos bought nice shoes
And purses from France
When the money ran low
I had to work harder
To keep Chaos at bay.

Chaos and I parted
One sunny day
At the courthouse
Flanked by lawyers
She got the house
And I got back
My liberty.

I saw Chaos again
At the arm of another
I turned swiftly
But she saw me
And blew me a kiss
From her lips
And fingertips.

So if you see Chaos
Stay away I tell you
Trust the man
With the broken heart.

Sometime at night
When I feel alone
I remember the way
Chaos smiled at me
And kissed me tenderly.
Bittersweet memories.


Unmerciful Sky
We bombed the houses for reasons
Though children died, true, and women too
And an old man who once was a teacher.

We had good reasons.

Pilots stood at attention
Under their national flags
Brassy anthems played on
Tears flowed from their eyes
For the kids they had killed.

A fire storm
Fell from the sky
The Unmerciful Sky
Over lovely Sana’a.

Screaming metal eagles
Gleamed in harsh sunlight
Killing with precision
And seeming abandon
Followed by contrails
Like tears of angels
Against clear blue skies.

Colonialists in marble homes
Enjoying Southern Comforts
Collecting dividends
From Corporations
Selling weapons to the House
Guided weapons for houses
That had been standing there
For thousands of years.

The government men
Diligent in duty
Fractured the people
Collateral damage, they called it
As bombs, bullets rained on
And they counted bodies.

The bombs fell
Over and over
Leaving only torn walls
Where a city had stood
Where kids once went to school.

Politicians spoke
Debated on TV
That the news all printed
While broken families
Fled by night in panic
Kids separated, afraid,
Now lost, alone.

Under the unmerciful sky.

All stories by Chris Mahan

All pictures from Pixabay – CC0 Public Domain

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