So, we’ve been alluding to some big news in the #FP future. Some really big thing that we were gonna do … something magical! Something amazing!
It really is for us, cos’ we’ve never done that before and it’s kind of all “AAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH! OMGOMGOMGOMGMG!”
Apparently, we kind of had some news?
Well, we did!
We have HUGE news!
Ahem, so!
After months of planning, months of dreaming and keeping it secret … WE FINALLY GET TO TELL YOU!
That …
Very soon we are going to release an all-about-#FP EBook !
*fanfare! Confetti! Champagne bottles bursting! CAKE!*
That’s my huge news!
I have no idea what you were expecting, but that’s what it is!
This Ebook feature will have everything. It will have all the #FP’s, it will have surprise co-authors, (yet to be revealed!)
This book will be about YOU and your experiences with flash-fiction, with #FP and creativity!
Your story on how writing micro-fic stories and poems enriched your writing experience! We will call upon YOU to help us make the Ebook all that it can be, and help us fulfill a beautiful dream along the way!
You guys have been with us at the beginning, when I was just a small participant in the game every Friday and you’re here with us now …
So we want to share this new experience with you.
We luv you guys!
That’s all I’m saying right now! Keep checking the blog, because we’ll post more details here very soon, and then the good stuff begins!
Go join the party! There’s cake!
And there are #FP’s!
Cake with #FP’s on ‘em!
Oh, okay. You can have a slice here as well …