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Word of the Trying Ones …


We can have a thousand and one of the very best intentions, you guys, and … we can fail BIG TIME.
The first few weeks of this year have NOT been good for 200 Word Tuesdays. The first week, no submissions meant no issue. Second week, the bloody issue doesn’t wanna post.
But, in the end, I am no techie and I do not understand what’s wrong or where it’s wrong or what. I’m haven’t got a clue.
And I am so, so, so sorry about it.
At this particular point in time, the GRAY Girls life is all crazy and people are scattering our attentions all over the show. Most of it in the real world and not online, where we need to be, where we are of most use to you guys.
We have not got the facilities yet to abandon the real life pursuit of the day jobs, and the long hard slogs of crap, and just devote ourselves to all that we want to do here. And as much as I am berating myself for the crash of the blog and whatever is plaguing it, I am so very human and I’m just one human behind this at the same time.
We can, we are and we will evolve in time as we work for little milestones in our personal lives, to use as assets in this magazine, in Friday Phrases, in everything. But like every pursuit of worth, the time spent pouring ones soul into your project can and will determine its future success and all that jazz … so I hope and pray the time I spend trying and trying and trying again to fix a problem I can’t see and publish that #200WT edition is not going to be in vain. One day, it’ll be easier to reach the small goals, you know!
Until then, I really hope you can afford us a bit of patience and understanding. It is not an easy ride, but every hour we try, perhaps to no immediately visible effect … it really is a deed taking us closer to where we want to be.
Doing this with you folks every day. Dedicating our time to bringing you things even we can only dream of.
And right now, I’m going to try posting the issue again. If it works, you’ll be the first to know. If it stubbornly refuses, again, I will henceforth be publishing issues and articles intended to 200 Word Tuesdays on Friday Phrases.
Much love to you all.

Thank you @chris_mahan



This has been a promised blog post for a while, but life, as usual, takes over and then things go a little crazy.
Over the last few months, we’ve been in a bad place financially. Everyday items became hard to afford but we’ve always managed. Still, it was difficult, too tight to afford certain things (especially online stuff in Dollars) and as a result, we’ve been doing nothing but sit behind our computers, work our pitiful day jobs, and try to find solutions, morning, noon and night.
It hasn’t been the easiest New Year, and we were ready to admit defeat, not a week or so ago. Failure was bitter because we swore it would never get that far, that we’d do anything and everything to change, but we just weren’t fast enough.
So, we decided to give up with grace.
Only then … the outpouring of love and support from our friends on Twitter overwhelmed us. It floored us, it really did.
But time was short and we had a day before the blog was to be deactivated for good. Then, a very special friend offered to pay the hosting bill in full, securing our blog for another year.
I don’t think relief even factored in to what we felt afterwards. There was just a weightless daze, a burden suddenly gone … we truthfully don’t remember feeling so free after such a deep trouble was lifted.
Thanks to @chris_mahan, all #FP events, Twitter and blog based, will continue as it did. The world is open and free once again and the future of Friday Phrases is where it is meant to be.

And to @chris_mahan


There are no words in any language deep and sincere enough to convey our gratitude. Months and months, and many sleepless nights went into Friday Phrases, defining visions, defining dreams … and all that could have been lost.
And you didn’t allow that to happen.
Our dedication to Friday Phrases, and all it will become, was only ever hindered by our financial inability to do certain things and one of the worst was losing the blog, the stepping stone to so much more. Because of you, we still have a fighting chance.
Thank you so much for seeing the potential in what we do, for the renewed chance of doing the very best we can for Friday Phrases, and for saving the blog.
Losing it would’ve broken our hearts.
Thank you for believing in us.
We will not let this chance go to waste.
We promise.

We’re back!



Hello, dear #FP-ers!
We have missed this blog so much. So, so much! *strokes blog lovingly*
But we have a sad little story to tell you.
We wanted to reinvent the blog entirely. We wanted to start making it into a magazine, and start doing all the amazing things buuuut
I did something.
I clicked a wrong button somewhere when I was customizing the blog, and the whole thing disappeared. I couldn’t work on it. At all. Now, that was resolved but it left the blog looking exactly like it did before.
With the glitch we had and the interminably long New Year’s celebrations, there was literally no time for us to do anything.
It’s a huge disappointment for us. Huge, monumental. That said, we are following sources and leads that’d help with this problem and a full redesign is still going to happen, just not now.
In any case, the blog is officially open again and normal activities will ensue, just like it always has. We’re still on for a lot of changes, but the year is young and we have plenty time to dazzle you.
So, while we plan the #FP future more, welcome back and we hope you enjoy what’s in store for you!

The #FP Team

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