We are accepting words.
Words on three themes. Life, Love, Loss.
All things now feared and known by us GRAY Girls, as the matriarch is in dire need of eye surgeries and medical assistance beyond the capabilities of us artists.

The words in question can take place in the form of:

Short stories, anecdotes, and poetry.

Maximum word count is:

800 for stories.
1,000 for anecdotes.
800 for poetry.

The theme is love and love of all kinds. This project will inspire a woman to fight the demons in her body and get to fighting fit health once more.

After writing, please send your submissions to, with the subject “LLL”.

Submissions must come with a title, name of author and full contact details. 

Double spaced, and we shall consider all submissions to be edited/revised.

I am afraid that this anthology … I can offer no monetary compensation for your contributions, but in publication, I will need to charge money for it, $2.99 approximately.
All funds thereof go to Adele S. Gray’s and Victoria de Lucia’s mounting medical bills, in many medications, MRI’s, ophthalmology exams, and surgical procedures, whatever shall need to be done.

The deadline for all submissions is 28th of February. After that, I fear that delaying will be a terrible mistake, as the medical procedures may already have begun and we will need all the help we can get.

This does not change our ethical disposition on the matters of paying contributor for their submissions.

Terms and Conditions apply.