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Stories for Sundays.
This day is for you, #FP-ers!
We feel like we’re missing out on the lovely words you create that are #FP-inspired. Your poems, your lyrics, your haikus, and your short stories!
We heart Friday Phrases.
The whole shebang.
But we want more.
So, #S4S is here.
If you’re interested in submitting your works, please, please, PLEASE send ‘em in!
We want what you’ve got.
To the guidelines!


#S4S is another way to bring our #FP community even closer together and sharing a love for flash-fiction, poetry, and short stories.
All is welcome.
We welcome simultaneous submissions. We don’t know what we want until we find it and the more the merrier. But please take note, as a result of this, only a few stories/poems/lyrics/flash-fic will be selected at a time and even if your work is accepted, it might not be immediately posted.
Rest assured, if this is the case, you’ll have your moment of glory some day and when that day comes, you will be the first to know.

Feel free to submit your writing in any genre.
We want diversity.
We want everything from dragons, to outer space, horror, Noir, crime, YA, NA, MG (I don’t even know what most of that means.) Point is, we’re open to everything.

We want to keep #S4S a place where everyone can hang out and be at peace and start no fights, so we will not accept content with pornography, spam, racist content, trolling, any kind of defamation, and in general, any kind of douchery.
If your work is not your own and you’ve passed it on as such, you will be reported, you will be blocked and because writers work hard for what they’ve achieved, we will not forgive instances of plagiarism in any form.
It’s deplorable.
If you intend to submit works inspired by another, we require that you quote them, link them, give them their credit in the content, whatever it may be and gain their explicit sanction for you to work on their creation.

If a short story, poem, or lyric is co-authored by two or more, we require that it is submitted with the knowledge and sanction of all featured authors on the piece.
If it fails in this regard, do not submit until you have the featured author’s consent.

All content and their copyright remains the creative property of the authors. If authors are willing, we will provide links to websites, blogs and social media handles at the end of their submitted work.


(Length and word count varies as per your content.)

Short Stories:
1,700. (We have a %10 leniency rate, so we can easily accommodate a little above or a little below.)

We want poems of any length, and we welcome simultaneous submissions. We’re looking for collections of micropoetry that is #FP inspired or even, original #FP’s.
Move us, make us laugh, make us cry, teach us about something, make us all warm and fuzzy.
Talk about something that troubles you, or makes you happy.
We like free verse and traditional form and we will publish an eclectic selection based on poetry’s individuality, insightful nature, and musical inspiration. All regardless of style.
(The same guideline applies to lyrics, if you’ve written any.)

If you have any other #FP inspired media content (top of my mind, movies, songs, podcasts, novels, novellas, interviewing us, writing articles about us) feel free to give us an exclusive query at In your email, subject your query as “Free Media,” and we will treat the case specially.

To submit your work, email your content to
Please attach your short story or poem in the email with your cover letter.
We want the word to know you as the creator of your content, so if you’re willing, send a profile pic and we will add it.

If you want additional media in your short story, (pictures, paintings that capture the essence of your piece) send the media and we will add it.

(Media guidelines exclude gifs, memes, YouTube videos, etc.
Original YouTube videos/media in any relation to #FP and #S4S are categorized as “Free Media,” and if that is the case, send us the exclusive query. We will get back to you.)

Cover letter must include the title of your short story, and the word count. If you have co-authored the short story, it must include your co-author’s approval to publish.
If the short story is based on another’s idea, cover letter must include a note of approval from the author, understanding the terms and conditions for writing in this regard.
There is no test of merit here, so don’t worry about anything else. Just as long as there is no foul play, you’re fine.

On that note, this is it.
Once the finickiness is done, please, send us what you have and stay tuned for more.
Bright things are in #FP and #S4S’s future and we want to share it with you.
For the #FP-ers out there, thank you for sticking around so long. Thank you for everything.
If you want to share in more flash-fic adventures, then check our very own @ReeDwithaBee’s word-prompt game that works around two monthly themes. It’s called 200 Word Tuesdays (#200WT) and can be found at @200WordTuesdays or here, on the 200WT blog.


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    Can I send you poems from my published book of poetry, with my graphics?

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