#FP Game Related Questions:

Q: What is #FP?

A: #FP is Friday Phrases, a weekly micro-fiction game, telling a story in 149-charaters only, with the hashtag. We host from more or less from Thursday, 16:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to Saturday 07:00 GMT. At this time, the prompt will be removed and we will cease retweeting for the week, cos’ we’re seriously gonna need our sleep! And timezones are bloody awful so you’ve gotta find yourself a converter!

Q: My #FP wasn’t retweeted! Why not? *sad face*

A: There are many possible reasons why your #FP wasn’t retweeted. We are only human and this is not a bot searching for keywords, so it’s very possible we missed it.
The #FP hashtag is not exclusive to Friday Phrases, therefore lost of content is lost in between the thick of things.
We do also reserve the right to endorse certain content in #FP’s, and so if it was in any way offensive or loaded with something that might start a fight, for the sake of the game and the contributors, we’ll have chosen not to retweet.

Q: Will my #FP’s go onto the Best Of blog posts? And if I don’t want them to be featured, how can I stop you in your evil plan?

A: We are very pro professionalism here, but it’s impossible for us to contact X amount of #FP authors and ask for their permission to feature them on the blog.
If you do not want your #FP’s featured on the blog, notify us in a DM on Twitter and we will take note and exclude your copyrighted material from our posts.
Otherwise, if it’s super awesome, we just want to share that awesomeness and the Best Of posts are an excellent way for us to reach your fans!

(Note that because of the X amount of authors who contribute to #FP, we cannot permalink your name in the lists because it literally takes us hours upon hours.)

Q: Can anyone join in?

A: #FP is for anyone and everyone! There is no test of merit, or nothing like that, we promise. You don’t have to be a writer to join in at all. Many of our participants aren’t “writers” at all, but even if you only write a #FP, you’re a writer already!

Q: How do I write for #FP?

A: We have an optional theme every week, and that can be used in any which any you want. We do not enforce the use of the theme in any #FP, if not desired. That’s all up to you.
You can also, on theme or not, write chain stories. A series of #FP’s that span over the day.
It is imperative that every #FP you write must be tagged with the hashtag, or we can’t find you and share your work with the world.
Please do not tag @FridayPhrases in your #FP’s, as that eats up your 140-chars and clogs up our Notifications.

Q: How can I suggest a theme?

A: We’re always looking for theme ideas! If you have something relatively short and powerful in mind for a theme (eg; Shadows, Fractures, Empty Streets), you can submit a suggestion or two or three, or ten or a million to us in DM, via @FridayPhrases.
Or through our email,

Q: What kind of #FP’s do you want?

A: We love everything, from every genre imaginable, but Friday Phrases is a place made up of peaceful vibes, and we want to keep it that way. So we will not accept any content with pornography, spam, racist content, trolling, any kind of defamation, and in general, any kind of assholery. The policy is, Our Game, Our Rules.

Friday Phrases Blog Related Questions:

Q: How can I contribute work for the Friday Phrases blog?

A: We are always looking for a very eclectic voice on the different faces of the arts! There are many things that we accept for publication. If there’s anything you’re interested in sharing with the world wide audience, please visit our Submission Guidelines page and go from there!

Q: How do I submit stories for 200 Word Tuesdays and #S4S?

A: We accept short stories and poetry for both #S4S and #200WT. To submit your work for #S4S, email your content to
Please attach your short story or poem in the email with your cover letter.
To submit a 200 word story for #200WT, send your story with your cover letter to If you need more specifics, the Guidelines are here and if your query isn’t covered in the list, email us with your question.

Q: Once published, do you reserve the rights for the work?

A: No, we do not. Any submitted piece is your intellectual property and we do not claim full rights over it. If your work was submitted once before, we require that the previous publisher holds no rights, either. If they do, we will not publish your submission.

Q: Do you accept previously published work?

A: We do, absolutely, provided the previous publisher holds no rights over it and that it meets our Submission Guidelines requisitions.