Hi, guys!
Ahem. For what it’s worth, Happy Monday! Now it may not be worth a lot, but efforts will be made! It’s taking a mighty effort here, but it all goes toward good things.
Anyway, to the good stuff!
Yesterday was a disaster. I had everything planned. I had it all figured out. I had all the announcements and everything all lined up … and then the internet failed. For the whole day. Now we don’t know why, but as you can imagine, it threw a huge spanner in the works for us, you know? Unfun and uncool, and unfortunately out of our hands.
So we did not release the name of the new magazine and see if you guys freaked out about it just like we did.
And that was a huge pity.
So we made more plans, to try again, and we’ll do it on two lucky days (or so we hope!)
The 4th and 5th of April is @AdeleSGray and my birthday, and let’s not talk about that part too much, cos panic, and panic not nice, BUT that will be the day we sing the new name and the dawn of a new era from the very rooftops!
In the meantime, there is much to be done that we cannot do alone.
As of now, I am preparing this magazine for a big, bright future and I’m doing that on my non-existent tech skills, so much of my time is being taken up.
I am also editing and working on all the promised anthologies so that it can be available to you in the very near future and as such, time is not a luxury I have at the moment for anything other than many sleepless night and highly caffeinated manic attacks of progress.
So you guys, I need you to be my army.
The word won’t spread itself and for the first time in a long time, we have a sustainable answer to all the problems we’ve been facing, but we can’t get everything up and running while also telling everyone we know about what’s coming.
There aren’t enough hours in the day. And as we can’t afford to automate this kind of message, on the scale we need it to be, we are doing it all ourselves.
And that’s where we need your help.
We need you to be our heralds!
We need you to shout it out loud wherever possible, and not only that, but help us amass content to make up for lost time and to celebrate the coming of something good!
If you guys want to share this with us, here’s a few things you can help us do to make a nice big noise about the magazine and share your content for its bright new beginning!
All things can and shall pass into legend and I have a lifetime to do all I can to make that possible for you.
1. Write your #200WT’s! As this program will not be going anywhere, the themes will go up as usual and we invite you to write one, two, five, ten, fifty, a million if you so desire and send it to us the way you always have! They will kept for launch and they’ll be given the Hall of Fame treatment! Word of honor!
2. Ya’ll know many awesome peeps, right? Yeah? Soooo … how about you help the world find out about them too and you seek ‘em out and you interview them? At any length, just talk about creativity and writing and the ways that they make it work for them when the Muse (this word is a nice, juicy clue, folks!) is being a bother, and what they’re writing and how they feel about this project and all that jazz? Sound good? I dare you to do it. In fact, I’ll join you, and anyone who had awesome things to tell me, pitch me at and we’ll get to the good stuff, yeah?
3. Talk to us. Tell us about the most amazing indie books you just read that simply needs a prime time review that you would love to write and that we would be only too happy to provide!
4. Send cake.
5. Got some amazing advice for brave, aspiring writers? Share it. We would just ADORE featuring some of your articles about it, about what you know, and the amazing things you can tell us, so if you’re interested in some guest posting, go ahead in hitting us up! We’d love to feature you! Seriously!

And now if you can think of any more that you’d like to include into this list, we’d love to hear it! And in the meantime, I leave you with this.
I go now to work until the wee hours of every day of this week and more, and make tea and think and work and whatever!
So off with me! *does swishy Dracula cape thing*
Have an awesome week!