Hello, all you lovely peeps!
So. Tomorrow is kind of a huge day and it’s going to be hectic but that is the day that this five day hiatus begins. #FP is going to run normally, please don’t worry about that (I’m way too much of an addict to let it go) so send ‘em #FP’s thick and fast on Friday, cos’ I’ll be there for them!
I will not however, be replying to any emails regarding #ForTheLoveofLove until the 7th, when I come back.
Don’t worry, nothing bad is happening, we’re just going to go and change our lives a little.
Change can be good!
True to my word, the fundraiser has been deleted, and I want to thank you all a thousand times and a thousand times again for all you have done for us. Sometimes I have words, and sometimes I don’t that fully describe how grateful I am for the help you have given, for all the kindness we’ve been shown.
I will never forget it.
I promise you that.
The deadline for #ForTheLoveofLove has been extended until the 7th, when this hiatus is over and everything will resume again after that. This time away serves a bigger purpose in our lives, so it’s a necessary break.
There’s still time to send your words, guys. Still time to change my family’s lives, such as we have come to know it …
Anyway, this foreword cannot be too extensive as I am running out of time that I need to spend at home, with my family and get things ready for a new world ahead, so, as I like saying so much, onto the #FP’s!
The theme last week was A Force of Nature, which I admit, was inspired by you guys, a force of nature with your beautiful words and everything you do that blows me away … I mean, you’d think there’d be a pattern of familiarity by now, but every week, it’s like sitting down and down #FP again for the very first time.
The gift that keeps on giving!
And now, enough of my ramblings!
Please enjoy The Very Best of A Force Of Nature!

Jason VanHorn ‏@Dr_VanHorn
The girl was like the wind, everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
#FP #amwriting

Angie-Marie Delsante ‏@DelsanteWrites
Stricken w/ grief, anger, & jealously, she allowed her rage to consume
her becoming a dark force of nature not to be reckoned with.#FP

Every Writer ‏@QueryAnne 
When the ice begins to melt it shines, transformed. It has power, pulling
great slabs of frozen rivers apart until they flow again. #FP

Laurel Setton‏ @laurelsetton
As he gathered the other’s body in his arms, Wen raised his eyes
upwards, and the sky mourned with him. #FP

Lotta Craft ‏@lottacraft 
The professor was frowning. “You were supposed to create something
with the elements!” He shrugged “So? I’ve created the storms!” #FP

Karen ‏@KarenOhren 
the rusted fence
slowly paints
over the cracks.


Kaleb James ‏@kalebwrites 
Seven days awake
What will become
Of my shattered soul
I hold on to as jigsaw shards
Hoping some of them
Will still fit

Kaleb James ‏@kalebwrites 
Stars above, Sea below
We danced in the sand
Our minds intertwined
Leaving a ribbon
Of our shared lives
Hoping to see
One more sunrise

Jenni Anderson‏ @jenanderson731 
There was a strong energy among us fueled with anger & shortly after
the sun sank, the world shook beneath our feet. #FP

PlatinumRoseLady‏ @PlatinumRoseL
The orb in the thief’s hand began to pulse with light. It was a beating
heart, a force of nature, full of great and terrible power. #FP

Storm ☽✪☾ ‏@MadQueenStorm 
There is no force of nature more dangerous than a woman’s fury. And if
she commands the power of the elements… your world will burn. #FP

jfx mcloughlin‏ @jfxmcl 
I’m less worried about the environmental disaster as I am about Mother
Nature’s retaliatory response; our hubris will not go unpunished #FP

Mr Paul ‏@CnstantGardener
In my car this morning I had to turn off the air conditioning and put the
heater on. Mother Nature can’t make her mind up. #FP

R R Willica ‏@RRWillica 
Behind her eyes the hurricane flew but her placid smile contained the
storm. #FP

mo wan‏ @CrpseMotivation 
He is indomitable, incorrigible, boorish and undaunted. He storms
every room-a force of nature-and shines with his own self-importance.

DesertMoonPublishing ‏@MoonMarketingAZ 
Mel stared at the house, soaking in the scene of destruction. Books,
toys, plates, all jumbled.
“You know he’s only 2, right?”
#FP #FriDare

Nate Ragolia ‏@NateRagolia 
“I’m nothing to fear,” Death said to the old woman.
“You’re handsomer than I expected.”
“Nature prefers love.”
She nods. “I’m ready.” #FP

Shannon Reber‏ @ShannonArtWrite 
Blood drips like red rain from the sky. They cringe away. Darkness
rules the world. The force of nature has turned on us. God save us.

Bobbi Bowman‏ @bobbibowwoman 

A force of nature

Builds humans in her belly

And pushes them out into the world.


Elyse Salpeter‏ @elysesalpeter 
For years I had to play by the rules. You’re a girl, be quiet. But now I’m
grown, I’m free. A force of nature that can’t ever be stopped. #FP

J.D. Estrada ‏@JDEstradawriter 
Desire is an untamable force of nature that brings forth the type of fire
that rages for decades in the battlefield of us

J.D. Estrada ‏@JDEstradawriter
A true force of nature
Awaits within
If only you decide
To unleash the real you

Magic is Tricksy‏ @AdrianYoung10 
“The FP prompt ‘The Farce of Nature’ would have Shakespeare
spinning in his grave!”
“Ah. Gin?”


Tinfoil Fedora‏ @crowguye 
Yeah. Demons, having no body, crave physical sensation So, I take em
to dinner, drinks, dancing. It usually does the trick.

Megan Cutler‏ @Megan__Cutler 
A hurricane swirled inside his chest. Its lightning lit a fire in his blood
that threatened to boil his sanity away. #FP

Basil Fish‏ @HanfordGround0 
The earth trembled before heaven’s thunderous cries; hid from wild
flashes shattering the dark. There he defied God, so death might live

Amanda Kestrel‏ @AmandaKWrites 
When she entered a room everyone would stop & stare. Not because
she was stunning but because she often tripped & knocked things over.

Casey Donart‏ @casey_donart 
Love is the most powerful thing in the world. It’s just as likely to destroy
as it is to create #FP

G. S. Jennsen ‏@GSJennsen 
His boldness evinced a cocky certitude that the world would give him
what he needed from it, or he would take it by sheer force of will.

Joanna Maciejewska‏ @Melfka 
“Behold the force of nature!” the king shouted.
“A mechanical dragon can hardly be called a force of nature,” muttered
his advisor. #FP

Marie Malo‏ @MarieMalo6 
Fireflies sparkled under branches heavy with blooms that smelled of
youth. #FP

Carly Racklin‏ @willowylungs
It was much quieter than one would have guessed–to hear a tree tear
itself out of the ground.

J.L. Brown ‏@AuthorJLBrown
“Impressive nature manipulation, and so inconspicuous. I wouldn’t
have known you had a hand in it if I wasn’t so terribly clever.” #FP

Phoenix Grey ‏@phoenixgrey85 
#fp Wind, rain, tears, screams. Her rage rips the world apart. Pain and
fear and chaos and torture. Her screams rip the world apart.

Susan Fobes‏ @SusanFobes 
#FP Maybe his father would plant a tree come spring, another elf
custom. From death comes life. One’s ending is another’s beginning.

Kristen‏ @TheHemicane 
Grandma had knee surgery and is breathing fire at everyone. If you
smell smoke, run.

AJ Mullican ‏@AJMullican 
Harper pushed her body to its limits, retraining herself in the arts of
combat that had once been second nature. #fp

Christopher Mentzer ‏@Chris_Mentzer 
#FP It came through unexpectedly like a raging hurricane tearing the
area. Her mother sighed at the toddler’s temper tantrum.

Jenn R-J‏ @jennfel 
All of us
Forces of nature
Errant winds
Reckless oceans
Earthquakes for pulses
#FP #vss #poetry #mpy

Nerd Cactus ‏@NerdCactus 
A sky with no stars, rain from no clouds, breezes out of nowhere:
Leyton was a city where nature was meaningless. Hedy was in
Heaven. #FP

Nerd Cactus‏ @NerdCactus 
A spinning, churning maelstrom of identity slid through Lucky’s
fingers like silk, burning with rapturous pleasure. He was home. #FP

Briana Bryon‏ @briana_bryon 
#FP I really enjoy the nature, as the view from a good hotel.

Rêve-Ree‏ @ReeDwithaBee 
Dressed in a cloak of woven silver web alive with sparkling spiders, she
walked out of the dawn light and into the gathering storm. #FP

Caitlin Keeton‏ @CaitlinKeeton 
It Picks Up
It Pulls Down
It Roars Round

And yet
All the time

The Wind Invincible…
The Force of Nature
Wins #FP

Mollie ‏@readheadreader
Miles away & oceans apart, we are drawn together
Tethered by an unseen connection which cannot be denied
Our feelings a force of nature

Denise Walker ‏@DeniseWalker_ 
She is the one who forces nature.
The wind bows to her gale
and the leaves fall from her every whisper.

Stephen Clarkson‏ @Ste_Clarkson90
Our mutual respect was earned in blood, sweat and fathoms-deep
bodies. She grants me no pardon. I raise my bottle and welcome her

Lexi Lefevre‏ @LexiIsAWriter 
I think she truly believes she’s broken, but she’s not. I can mend her
with my heart & soul if she’ll let me. We’re a force of nature. #FP

chris papps‏ @chrispapps2 
#FP The heavy mist blanketed the tiny settlement as it clung to the icy seas
edge, here nature was the universe a force of daily reckoning

You can call me V‏ @vspearson85
Their love was a force of nature
Engulfing, like a tidal wave
With the passion of a storm
And the warmth of afternoon sun after rainfall #fp

Al Nobody‏ @Nobodyetall 
Storm the world,
like a hurricane,
twist & turn,
like a tornado,
don’t be deterred,
let nothing stop you,
you can be a force of nature.

Bobbi Bowman‏ @bobbibowwoman
Just let anything happen to my babies and they will know me as a force
of nature.
-Goldfish diaries #FP

Emma Cox‏ @scyian 
The elements throw everything against you. Your life is in the hands of
the Gods and all you can do is hope you come out the other side. #FP

Alicia‏ @demiurgent_G 
Take your time. I’m not a forceful nature, you must come to me by
choice. I will lurk here, luring, teasing & hoping, until you choose. #fp

Alicia ‏@demiurgent_G 
The full force of nature wants new life to complete this circle and so I
dream of you and your embrace. #fp

Aneesha Shewani‏ @tweetoeuvre 
Morning buds unfold to
The kiss of dew drops
Poised for beauty, in symmetry
Momentary yet complete
In the force of nature’s equilibrium

chris papps ‏@chrispapps2 
They lay silently in the dry dusty river bed as their custom dictated, to
offer the River God their lives in exchange for living water.

Aneesha Shewani‏ @tweetoeuvre
Quiet murmur of butterflies
On a warm summer day
Revealing miracles
Of the force of nature
By the stream I lay
Musing life’s mysteries

Chris Mahan‏ @chris_mahan 

Though his youth was sickly
His years in the wild made him tough
Now he lives in the city
Wears a suit
Drives a beamer
Has a big office

Becky Spence‏ @bex_spence 
Shut down. Reboot. A silence in the darkness. Fumble. Search. Find
again. Discover your life without technology. Dream to survive. #fp

Dante & The Lobster ‏@Marcgalez 
She was like a purring pearl to my eyes, scraping the bark of
tomorrow’s validity. The season that weathered roots into

AˢᵉᵉᵐSᵃˣᵉᶰᵃ‏  @RedNightHawkAKS 
“You’re just a child.”
His father had always said it with derision, his mother, with grace and
nurturing love. #FP

Rêve-Ree‏ @ReeDwithaBee 
She told us she was the Goddess of the Dunes. Her whole body was of
shifting colours of sand, & she left footprints of sand behind her. #FP

B.F. McBride‏ @DriedInkRibbon 
The enraged troll crashed through the tree line. Nature’s revenge upon
the frail men who dared to chop away at the ancient forest.

Djinn and Tonic ‏@walesboy1972 
Gaia strode across the earth, her verdant radiance shining like a star.
It’s touch healing humanity’s damage with the force of nature. #fp

Cedrix E. Clarke‏ @CedrixClarke 
“You! You feckless, incongruous, monosyllabic idiom! You! You! You
inchoate, amorphous, inexplicable ambiguity! You!” #FP

Carol‏ @CarolDrummond4 
Spring fire sizzles
As sassy Ms Blossom
Dons her coral coat
Announcing she’s ready
To come out and play