“You can make anything by writing.”
― C.S. Lewis

We all love Friday’s, right?
We have a weekend to look forward to, we have that beer at the end of the day that just takes the edge off the week, the pack of Doritos (the one that somehow survives the sudden horde of family members. Happens to me all the time)… and now, we have #FP!
Friday Phrases.
Lemme tell you a quick story.
The story about #FP.
In September of 2013, @amicgood, an amazing woman and a great friend, created #FP. For a year she ran it, she made it amazing, and she gave a whole community a reason to love Friday’s. And with a few dedicated participants at first, they made it into what it is today. A weekly microfiction fiesta for all people with a 140-character story to tell.
It sounds impossible, but the amazing things that come from this challenge really just … it really boggles the mind.
Discovering Friday Phrases was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Some of the books that I wanna write one day were inspired by some #FP’s I’ve written!
And around November of 2014, Amy announced Friday Phrases was soon to come to an end due to changing circumstances.
Yes, I believe my (internal) reaction was something to this effect. I hate saying goodbye to things, and to have to bid farewell to Friday Phrases?
Heh, heh, no.
Couldn’t do it.
So I offered to take it up. The whole thing, I would do it. So A, I didn’t have to say goodbye to it. And B … so the world wouldn’t have to say goodbye to it, either!
And now, here it is.
The world #FP, of Friday Phrases.
There is no happily ever after to this story, because this story will never end.
And thank God, because I hate it when stories that I love ends. That’s why I keep rereading Lord of the Rings …
I digress.
Friday Phrases. On Twitter every Friday, all day, no matter where in the world you are, we host a micro-flashfic party.
This is where your nitty-gritty #vss and flash-fiction genius come into being. This is where you tell us a story, good, short and powerful.
This is where we blow you out of proportion just because you’re so amazing and you’re sharing those gems.
Just come, check it out. Let the bug bite you.
You’ll know what comes next.
It actually comes pretty instinctively.
For those of you who still wondering, check this out and you’ll find out.
Good luck.
I can’t wait to hear from you.